Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

What goes through the mind of people who loose in the game of love? How do people cope with love failure? How to mend a broken heart? The sad Love Quotes below gives the answer to these questions.

Sad Love Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given below explains how it feel when the person whom you love leaves you.

Sadness caused by love is not neverending. People go forward once they learn to overcome it. These sad love quotes are meant to strengthen your heart and go forward.

  • Greeshmaaa....I Still Love Youuu....I cnt Frgt ue...Amm Sryy 4 Dat Hpnd N our Lyf...Am Still Waiting 4 Ue...i w'll be vry happ whenever my mobile phone get vibrt then ring,,
    Becz, i think it's a txt frm u...
    Bt suddnly sadly i realise,..
    U r n't in my life,...!
    Hw can u txt me..?

  • Really I am a stupid bcoz how many time you make me cry .still my heart says I want you.. But now I can't hold my tears ..I close my eye's very tightly to hold my tears. but it's impossible to hold. through split end of my eyes the tears are coming. Falling of my tears asking about you why don't you come back dear...
  • Again Why you're came in to my life .and why you're going from my you think I'm I toy ...if you think like that. I will be toy for you...but some toys are run with batteries .when battery is over it will stop working like me. When I lose hope on you my heart will be stop working...but at the time you will be cry for me alot . on the day you cry for me I am no more for you. But my soul will be always with you. But you can't touch my soul. At the time I will laugh at you...
  • I still love you please Appu I love you ... Each and every sec my heart IS CRYING for your love . but my heart is telling you are inside my heart ... But my heart doesn't recognises you're love doesn't with me.
  • I just want to keep her smile alive..
    I fail express at the right time....

    I fail to express in a smart way..

    I know that your smile is not gone blow over me again....
    But still waiting......


    Ashik jose
  • gayz îf ur lover leave u alone if yu see them again kick them n fuck dem n say thanks fr gve me chance to get a good girl as life partner .. kick on ass of fake galz love

  • I love you thachu... what did I do.... I love you .I know you don't lOve me but I love you as my heart. .....

  • If you dont love or not i love you bcoz u r my hrt nd I cant live without it I love.thachuu.umaaaa....

  • You don't deserve my love.
    Now,you can go looks for that girl next door.
    Cause you ain't the one I could call "MINE"

    Janice_Josh (instagram)
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