Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

What goes through the mind of people who loose in the game of love? How do people cope with love failure? How to mend a broken heart? The sad Love Quotes below gives the answer to these questions.

Sad Love Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given below explains how it feel when the person whom you love leaves you.

Sadness caused by love is not neverending. People go forward once they learn to overcome it. These sad love quotes are meant to strengthen your heart and go forward.

  • A word BYE and he walked away,all the dreams in his eyes were shattered..I did'nt had ache for this that he left me alone but I was extremely hurted when he said GOODBYE and started to weep from within... ;-(

    Randhir kaur virdi
  • "My friend asked me you are love with her?" I said my love is with her but I am not in that...

  • Ne kadal oram vainthal varum puyal katru,ne ennai vitu neeinge ponal pokum en uyire katru....

  • I love you shl... With at least a belief I will get you one will remain evergreen in my heart.
    But I miss you badly.... Distances from you only made my love stronger...i will love you till dawn of my life with a hope of getting you one day.

    shivam gaurav
  • Im just like a bird.. A bird cant fly because its wings is broken.. I cant continue my life because my heart is broken

    Fais Faizal
  • I said she is good ....when someone ask me hows ur life.....but now u r no more...n wat am i suppose to say about my life.....come back dear...its so...paining.....

    surendar babu .R
  • If You Told Me That You Hate Me,
    I Wouldn't Have To Suffer
  • All this time I was riding on a dead end highway,
    Killing my desires, I waited for you to go away,
    A Long ago, even I stopped keeping the score,
    each time you said, you don’t love me anymore..!!
    I tried to hold my tears as tight as I could,
    But somehow I knew this wont do any good,
    but, if you could see my tears in the rain,
    You’d know I am trying to wash away pain..!!
    I wonder if there will be a better tomorrow,
    Or, would there be t

  • One lovely day. Me and Mercina sitting in the terrace. Admiring the sky. She told me see mag how the clouds are moving fast as time runs faster while I am with her..I replied see the sky which remains there as u always with me..but today she went as a cloud.. I am standing alone as the sky holding the past memories...

    John magnesh
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