Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

What goes through the mind of people who loose in the game of love? How do people cope with love failure? How to mend a broken heart? The sad Love Quotes below gives the answer to these questions.

Sad Love Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given below explains how it feel when the person whom you love leaves you.

Sadness caused by love is not neverending. People go forward once they learn to overcome it. These sad love quotes are meant to strengthen your heart and go forward.

  • I'm still living with you in my dreams so I want eternal sleep

    BMW nmh
  • I love her but she loves another person .....but I am happy because she is happy

  • 'I don't care if P0Pole don't like me,,,,But YoU don't like Me,,,My HeaRt is PaiNinG Ra

  • I am waiting for you,
    I will die thousands of times at once to see you
    I will take every birth for you,
    I think every minute every second about you,
    I can't live without you,
    If I die in your love the world will take my name with you

    pvm Arya
  • Your my first crush,
    first love,
    first hug,
    first kiss,
    and now.....
    first heartbreak

  • I sAid " I lovE yOu ", yoU sAid " I lovE yOu too "
    BuT thE oNlY difFerEnCe iS I diDn'T liEd tO yoU

  • AtLeAsT iN mY nExT lifE I hOpE yoU wiLL be mine foR lifElonG

  • Don't think because I'm not talking to you That I don't love you
    I'm keeping distance myself Because I'm a disturbance to you sorry for everything Love you so much Thachu......

  • relationships are like flowers ,it doesn't matter whether you are watering or not watering them,they are gonna die it's just sooner or later!

    Abir Singha
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