Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

What goes through the mind of people who loose in the game of love? How do people cope with love failure? How to mend a broken heart? The sad Love Quotes below gives the answer to these questions.

Sad Love Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given below explains how it feel when the person whom you love leaves you.

Sadness caused by love is not neverending. People go forward once they learn to overcome it. These sad love quotes are meant to strengthen your heart and go forward.

  • Being a good person is like being Goal Keeper, who will say how many goals we save. People will just remember only that one that we missed. That's the truth about life. (y)

    Surjya Basak
  • Most People in love basically try to act as calm and normal as they can, and try to become their crushes friend before moving to the next level. its a hard part, and if you tell anyone about your crush, your plan is bound to crash and burn. other than that, when you get to a final part of asking your crush out, you might get scared about being rejected and losing the one you wanted to love. but if you are rejected, no matter what, you will still be friends. and who knows, if its young love, she

  • I don't want to waste my tears by thinking you,I want to move on with my life but I can't because I am in still love with you.........

  • Real Experience:

    "Wnevr i tried to find a true heart like Mirron, unfortunately that heart already reflecting the image of other"

  • "Should i smile bcz i met/saw my dream girl aftr 23 long years


    Should i Cry bcz i dont have the contact details of her"

  • i have beg you so many times,,,
    i have cryed over you so many times...
    u didnt hear me ...
    you left me alone :(

  • Ehsaas bahut hoga jab hum chhod k jayege,
    Royenge bahut magar aasu nahi aayenge,
    Jab saath na de koi to aawaj hume dena,
    Aasma per bhi honge to laut aayenge.....

  • Agar Bhigne ka itna hi shoq hai baarish me
    To Dekho na meri aankhon me
    Baarish to har ek ke liye hoti hai
    Lekin ye aankhein sirf tumhare liye barasti hain…

  • dont try to like someone if ur still inlove with your special one

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