Love Poems ♥ Best Poems about Love & Romance

Love poems are verbal expression of love. Poems about love help you express your hearts deepest feelings to your lover which you may find difficult to explain in words.

A Love poem is a beautiful piece of art and Love Poems have a unique way of touching our hearts. Here we have some of the most beautiful and romantic love poems.

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# Poem Title Rating Date
1 Love Proposal
Aug 29
2 3am Reflections
Aug 20
3 Me And My Shadow
Aug 19
4 love is divine
Jun 25
5 "Love Me Like a Swan"
Jun 10
6 My heart---Agonized
May 10
7 love
Apr 5
8 why i love you
Apr 2
9 True LOVE at first sight...
Mar 27
10 life
Mar 12
11 someday
Mar 12
12 Faanah
Mar 6
13 why love if ur not in love
Feb 25
14 why cant we be more than friends
Feb 24
15 you
Feb 17
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