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    The love FLAMES test is an online version of the traditional Flames test used for finding crush love success.

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Shorts Sweet Poems about love and romance. Given below is a recently submitted love poem

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Never any more,

lost and I cannot find you,

locked inside a body that isn't yours,

sometimes you surface from the depth,

but you always submerge once again,

I can see your face, so cold and unfeeling,

yet I can see your face, inches from mine,

full of love, as my lips touch yours.

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Last 19 days ago.
That friend that gets in your way......... one year ago
Last 19 days ago.
my crush raped me...and im his gf and i liked it 6 years ago
Last 4 months ago.
how i tell her i love you 6 years ago
Last 5 months ago.
love...but my best friend one year ago
Last 5 months ago.

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