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Its not always easy being in Love. Sometimes it needs inspiration, sometimes it needs comforting. The love sayings given below portray love as a reflection, love as a vision and sometimes love as deception.

This is a collection of the best love sayings and quotes. Sayings about love that inspires and motivates and get you through the most difficult times.

Love Sayings and Quotes

  • We cannot get a perfect person to love..but we can make a person perfect by loving..

    kinjal raisadha
  • I don knw why there is a difference between us n why God is always testng me to prove my body that ur my soulmate...Bt I knw only thng PG u r my evrythng n I vil bring u in my lyf soon... I love u more thn my heart beat...

    Urs Gauti
  • Smile may not brings u happy,rain may not wash ur pain,sunlight may not wake u up in morning , but its your love who brings u happy,wash ur pain and wake u up from dream.

    Zigme lama
  • I want to say 3 magical words "BHOKAT JA AAIGHALE"

  • You are the Rain over my Heart, the happiness of my soul, hear me out as I say... "I Love you".

  • Dating is like a rainbow. When you first see it its amazing and you wish it will never leave. But once it rains to rainbow and all your happiness is gone. Then another rainbow appears. It goes in the same cycle until you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

    Jessie Carroll
  • True love is eternal, infinite and always like itself. It is equal and pure, it is seen with white hairs and always young at heart.

  • Nobody can
    make you smile
    when you are sad but
    some one special only
    have the charming trick to
    do that.

  • *if u love truely
    **** u will die daily*
    Its true 'coz it's said by true lover.......

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