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Its not always easy being in Love. Sometimes it needs inspiration, sometimes it needs comforting. The love sayings given below portray love as a reflection, love as a vision and sometimes love as deception.

This is a collection of the best love sayings and quotes. Sayings about love that inspires and motivates and get you through the most difficult times.

Love Sayings and Quotes

  • Don't fall in Love with the person who looks with the beauty of that person. But Love the person whom by knowing the Characters cause they are the best ever to love You.

    Judicious Debbarma
  • You're the only one that I love I can't let you go I need you in my life nothing gonna stop me from loving you I'll always be there for you and let's stick together like the stars, the moon and the sky.

    Young Vaiphei(LyanZ Suantak)
  • The first moment when I set my eyes on you it was the time when I start falling in love with you I'm going crazy baby girl tell me what to do? I never let you down I swear to you I'll always be there for you whenever you need me I ain't the type of guy who is gonna play with you I wanna be in ya heart forever

    Young Vaiphei(LyanZ Suantak)
  • worlds happiest sentence "but I love u" worlds painful sentence I love u but words same but meaning is different
    you lose some one by saying I love u
    you often lose someone by saying I love u

    vijay naidu
  • courage is love most powerful weapon and it`s biggest fears but it depends on who you fall in love with and how much attention you give to him or her.

    Ahmad Firdaus
  • A single bracelet can't make a sound.
    ''There is power in togetherness''

    Aleshinloye Badmus
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you
    strength, while loving someone deeply
    gives you courage..

    viknesh vee vee
  • I keep telling myself that I don’t miss you, and that I don’t love you, hoping someday I’ll believe it.

    ummi hani
  • Love its like a banana and a donut one day the banana meets a donut but the the banana is soon challenged by the moves of a pickle he has to fight for this donut but he soon sees a different woman the bagel what will the banana do that's up to the banana and not up to me

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