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Love SMS and Love Text Messages are important means to express love and affection these days. With the advent of mobile phones and other advanced wireless communication technology, Love letters became old fashioned. Romantic Love SMS Messages and Love text SMS Messages are in vogue these days.

Short Love SMS and Romantic SMS Messages are the best way to share the feelings of love with your lover personally. Here is a collection of the best Love SMS. These Romantic SMS are the best Short and Sweet SMS messages on Love.

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Best SMS Messages Love and Romantic SMS Messages:

  • when I smile, I think of you, when I think of you,i smile ,and I smile because am thinking of you but am confused now because am smiling and I don't know whether am thinking of you but what I know is I love you

  • feeling are many but words are few,clouds are dark but the sky is blue,love is a paper but life is glue,everything is false but my love is true
    by Isaac

  • little keys can open big locks,little words can express great thoughts, and a word from you never fails to make me smile the whole day

  • I want to make U happy. But, I don't know the way to make U smile, I want to see U happy. But, I don't know the thing which makes U smile, Ur hapines is my need .......... By levi

  • I love you when the sun burns
    bright, I love you when the moon
    turns white, in all the troubles my
    heart will become light if I have
    you in my sight!

  • My love, my love
    don't ever leave me.
    Stay by my side no matter the consequences.
    I love you font turn your back on me because you're my love.
    You're mine no one else's so stay with me and lets live for eternity

  • pls amake kharap bhabis na, prathom kothata ekjon kobi bolechhe, r amaro ichchha j kono stumbling word diye deeep bhalobasa bojhano jaina jatodin na kiss majhkhane ase, ete tui jdi amake kharap bhabis toh ami kharap, karon ami tr kachhe kono kichhu lukote chai na,

  • you know that feeling when you thinking about that one person well youre in love motherfucker

  • im always waiting for you to come to me hold me and look me in the eyes.than whispering in my ears I LOVE YOU!!!these words will stay whit me . Im always waiting for that perfect kiss in the perfect place on the perfect moment . Im always waiting for you to hold my hand so i can be proud to walk with you and saying that youre my boyfriend

  • in the begin i wasent in love with you but youve been such a bad boy and i really like that .i was in love whit you and i still am but you forgot my name.i will never stop loving you and i will do anything to get your attention until you love me. Many love :?????? XXxx

  • If I could have just one wish,
    I would wish to wake up everyday
    to the sound of your breath on my neck,
    the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
    the touch of your fingers on my skin,
    and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
    Knowing that I could never find that feeling
    with anyone other than you.

  • love which is the most evergreen feel... That never dies/fades
    when i hold ur hands , i feel sometin grt whch proves my confident..
    wen i see ur eyes i feel you are my life and let me trust you forever..
    when i rest on your shoulder. I feel world s wit me to start my life wit yu

  • So I like this boy I'm not going to name hi because I don't want to anyway he is dating my best-friend and she asked me if I was ok with it and I told her I was but honestly I wasn't I want to tell her that I love him still but I'm afraid that she will never talk to me again I'm really scared


  • Hasogi to jeet jaogi
    roegi to dil dukhaogi
    chahe door raho yaa paas
    mujhe hamesha apne saath paogi
    sweet heart.....!


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