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Love letters are classic romantic way of showing ones feelings of love. Love letters symbolize the feelings and emotions of a lover and writing letters of love can have a profound impact on you and the person for whom the letter is written.

Given below are Love Letters submitted by users just like you. If you're looking for love letter ideas or wording for love letter, feel free to you these. You can also customize and send these love letters to your special someone.

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# Title Rating Date
1 Dear Wifey
Oct 25
2 Fuck the cliche
Sep 28
3 My Infinity
Sep 21
Sep 21
5 my world
Sep 21
6 To my first love <3
Sep 16
7 my teddybear
Sep 16
8 my teddybear
Sep 16
9 for my true love
Sep 1
10 good morning beautiful
Sep 1
11 to my one and only love
Sep 1
12 Ah oui, ma chérie...
Sep 1
13 To my dearly crush~
Aug 31
14 ssss
Aug 9
15 Long Distance Relationship
Aug 8


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