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Love letters are classic romantic way of showing ones feelings of love. Love letters symbolize the feelings and emotions of a lover and writing letters of love can have a profound impact on you and the person for whom the letter is written.

Given below are Love Letters submitted by users just like you. If you're looking for love letter ideas or wording for love letter, feel free to you these. You can also customize and send these love letters to your special someone.

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# Title Rating Date
1 thinking of you
Jan 27
2 the love of my life
Jan 25
3 Why, baby
Jan 18
4 friend
Jan 18
5 For My Chubby
Jan 18
6 Bae
Jan 16
7 my love shiv
Jan 11
8 "A gift i ever wanted but it seems very impossible"-YOU
Jan 7
9 My dearest crush
Dec 28
10 To my one & only ❤️
Dec 17
11 All I Want For Christmas Is You
Dec 11
12 I love you always
Nov 22
13 Love me back
Nov 22
14 You Complete Me
Nov 21
15 i love you
Nov 8


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