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Planning to write Love letters for him? Here is the inspiration you need. Go through love letter wordings and write a love letter on your own.

If you are a guy and if you are trying to write a love letter for her, you too can find useful resource here.

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# Title Rating Date
16 To the one I have always loved, but will never have.
Jun 3
17 oh my darling
May 28
18 Your beauty..
May 26
19 Our D/s relationship
May 22
20 my secret
May 22
21 happy days
May 14
22 why i love you
Mar 21
23 lost love note...
Mar 20
24 I Love u Cherry
Mar 10
25 Only u complete my life
Mar 7
26 BGF
Mar 2
27 abhishek
Feb 28
28 it aches
Feb 28
29 abhishek
Feb 26
30 abhishek
Feb 25


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