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Planning to write Love letters for him? Here is the inspiration you need. Go through love letter wordings and write a love letter on your own.

If you are a guy and if you are trying to write a love letter for her, you too can find useful resource here.

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# Title Rating Date
31 I love you always
Nov 22
32 Love me back
Nov 22
33 You Complete Me
Nov 21
34 i love you
Nov 8
35 forever and always
Nov 1
36 Dear Wifey
Oct 25
37 Fuck the cliche
Sep 28
38 My Infinity
Sep 21
Sep 21
40 my world
Sep 21
41 To my first love <3
Sep 16
42 my teddybear
Sep 16
43 my teddybear
Sep 16
44 for my true love
Sep 1
45 good morning beautiful
Sep 1


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