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Planning to write Love letters for him? Here is the inspiration you need. Go through love letter wordings and write a love letter on your own.

If you are a guy and if you are trying to write a love letter for her, you too can find useful resource here.

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# Title Rating Date
31 Long Distance Relationship
Aug 8
32 The meaning of love
Aug 5
33 Her
Aug 2
34 You're perfect to me
Jul 30
35 My Love For You
Jul 27
36 Where Are You?
Jul 27
37 You touched my Heart
Jul 26
Jul 18
39 My love
Jul 16
40 MiSs U
Jul 15
41 Dead Love
Jul 6
42 Ethan my love
Jul 3
43 the way i love you
Jun 30
44 Love for you...
Jun 26
45 I can't stand it
Jun 25


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