Short Love Quotes - Cute Short Quotes About Love

Sometimes, a few romantic, loving words can mean a lot to your lover. The short love quotes and short love sayings listed below are some of the best in its class. Sweet and cute short quotes about love. Short Love Quotes are ideal conversation starters and is the best way to open a romantic moment.

These love quotes are short and one liners, but holds deep feelings of romantic emotions within them and the depth of each of the short love quote is easily understood by anyone in Love.

Short Love Quotes

  • The love that never sleeps nor slumber, the love that strikes like thunder will be there when I find her..

    Abel S Muyakwabo
  • Everyone knows that Love is a pain of heart. But still we love them. If we knows how to love and understand other feeling the pain of heart will be Good and Happy.

    Judicious Debbarma
  • Heartful Love is like the Breathing air...
    You will never see it .
    But you will always feel it prasence.
    ( u wil never knw how much I Love You Anylesor.)

    R. Dileep Sahu.
  • When there is love in Your heart, there is peace, Joy, and happiness. By loving someone You may be sad but Most of the times You are Happy. So let's start Loving each other even our enemy. It may be difficult but let's try so that we may able to live in peace. Lets stop thinking bad about other lets loves each other as brother, sister, parents, and all our surrounding.

    Judicious Debbarma
  • kaadhalika theriyaathu endru kanneer vidaathae !
    antha kaneerum unnai kaadhalikum

  • I'm not beautiful like her, but My heart is most beautiful because i kept her in my heart. "Still I love you baby."

  • love is a sweet melody sung by two

    sir summany
  • I'm proud of my heart.
    It's been played,stabbed,cheated,burned and broken,
    but still it work.

    :) :O :P :D

  • In love, you shouldn't only share hugs and kisses.. you should also share problems.. you should always tell your partner first no matter what because its not healthy for the relationship if your partner will know your problems through other people.. It hurts.. I know..

    Dianne Grace
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