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Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling of people who are in love or who have failed in love.

Based on the personal experience of the one who says it, love quotes can be sad love quotes, funny love quotes, inspirational quote and so on...

Here are some sayings about love. This is definitely not the biggest collection of love quotes, but it is a collection of the best love quotes and is categorized based on the nature of the quote.

  • julian julian julian i love you i know you love me to kiss me wait you already did in my dreams you r my bae take me away

  • julian carillo aria williams forever to be married for eternity

  • Sky is blue,
    Feel this hue.
    My love is for you,
    Baby, forever and its true...

    Mintu Kurmi
  • I loved you once and I love you still
    my life is amazing when you grab the wheel, and take control of my life…cause baby with out you my heart dies twice

    Willie M.
  • Love never dies by itself it is mudered by cheaters and liar

    shrinkhla srivastava
  • Your smile is like a sun that shine my day
    Without you my sun, how can I live? you show me the way on the dark day... I really love you
  • When i look into ya eyes that makes a pain to me thinking about you everyday i miss you so much i can't let you go i knew it from my love ya the only one that i need stay by my side forever

    Young Vaiphei(LyanZ Suantak)
  • You put my nightmares and fears to shame everytime we touch. I'm completely besotted with you madam Saviour.

    Utlwanang Golebanye
  • "For your hate,i can write this much quotes means,just imagine if you love means what will happen?"

    Balaji venkatesan
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