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Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling of people who are in love or who have failed in love.

Based on the personal experience of the one who says it, love quotes can be sad love quotes, funny love quotes, inspirational quote and so on...

Here are some sayings about love. This is definitely not the biggest collection of love quotes, but it is a collection of the best love quotes and is categorized based on the nature of the quote.

  • I honestly never thought I would come to love and care for you this much. Your life is worth my heart.

  • dont choose what boy or girl you like you have to wait for your destiny there is a boy for you or a girl for you wait be patience

    kea ellisha
  • no one can find the key to my heart because
    you are the key to my heart

  • Explaining why i Love u is Lyk explaining How water tastes..
    ~Completely Impossible~

    Candy PonRaj
  • Chala mandhi chala sarlu chala manditho chala istamga chala prekatho cheppe chala chinna mata netho cheppalii..adi. adi....i love u

  • Nv naanu vidichi undagalavemo. . . . Nenu ninnu vidichi undalenu. ..nv nannu marchipoyina nenu ninnu marchiponu ..bcozz heart. .my smile. .totally. .my life is with you. .i love u. .

  • Nv nannu marchipoyina nenu ninnu marchiponu..nv nannu vidichi undagalavemo nenu ninnu vidichi unddalenu smile. .totally my life is with uuuu...i love u...

  • Na mobile ni kagitham ga chesi. .keypad ni kalam ga marchi.charging ni ink ga ni pavuranga marchi na e manasulo mata chebuthunna BUJJI ur my sweet heart

  • i love you............kong makit an tika ini ka september9,2016 ilove you na daan sana maguwang pa ka nako pleaseyour birthday is may 19,2004

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