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Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling of people who are in love or who have failed in love.

Based on the personal experience of the one who says it, love quotes can be sad love quotes, funny love quotes, inspirational quote and so on...

Here are some sayings about love. This is definitely not the biggest collection of love quotes, but it is a collection of the best love quotes and is categorized based on the nature of the quote.

  • Only saying "I love u " is not that u love someone. The feeling of love comes from heart. So don't say just feel it .

    Ravi surbhi
  • She is so soft just like a silk,she is too white just like a milk,she often makes me four inch hike..,

    Balaji venkatesan
  • I am roaming you like a humanoid,you taught me how to avoid..,

    Balaji venkatesan
  • They told me about drugs.... I told them about your smile.... :) :) :)

    Vijay vijju
  • I'm feel U r mine. . .that time i miss my soul. .ennodu ne irunthal uyirodu nan irupen. . .luv u baby. .

    ALLWIN jose
  • Love Is Like Ciggrate When we do it for the first time we feel good and in the end we cry. . . .

    Subh R Sarmah (Mxn,Assm)
  • i wish you would've stopped me for once.for once you wouldve shown that it hurts you equally to leave me.but its not became so busy in making your life perfect and happy that you totally forgot who is craving for u.who cries for u every single night nd the next day wakes up with the aame faith that you'll be back somday.

    Rashmi Bhogal

  • .Falling for your smile is not my fault its u who smiled so sweetly to make me fall Falling for your silly talks is not my fault its you who spoked so charmingly to make me fall. But it is my fault that I started loving you without knowing that you love me back or not…???

    aatish kewat
  • LØVE does'nt show up on an X ray..but its there....
    LØVE is a policy,without term$ and condition$...

    Randhir kaur virdi
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