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Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling of people who are in love or who have failed in love.

Based on the personal experience of the one who says it, love quotes can be sad love quotes, funny love quotes, inspirational quote and so on...

Here are some sayings about love. This is definitely not the biggest collection of love quotes, but it is a collection of the best love quotes and is categorized based on the nature of the quote.

  • I am not a sharjahan.
    To build a tajmahal..
    Iam not a kalidas.
    To write a poem ..
    Iam not ravi varma.
    To draw urs beaut..
    Iam a suresh.
    To dedicatd my heart
    ....suresh jorrigala

    Suresh jorrigala
  • Let us always meet each other
    smile, for the smile is the
    beginning of

    sachin sani
  • i can live without air atlst 2 mnt.,
    Bt i can't live without u and , ur million dolar smile,,
    Even a fraction of second...' plz AJOO9..
    My life battry got shotdown... Once 1nly once.. Txt me i can recover)%

  • Sometimes i compare our love with a Rose plant because it has both the thorns and the flowers too.....!!

    Ratul Paswan

  • I knew that she is not mine but someone else's
    but my heartbeats only knew her as the almighty
    the one i kept searching for in the dreams
    those tears were in my eyes
    its not your fault my love, this loneliness of mine
    i brought tis ailment on myself.

    Bijan Debbarma
  • Love the person who kept you in their heart not the person whom does you kept in your heart bcoz they may play with your heart...!!

    Ratul Paswan
  • I m just a part you are my whole,
    After i die also the thing that ll be loving you it will be nothing but will be my soul.....!!

    Ratul Paswan
  • If you go without a reason then dont come again with an excuse

    Ratul Paswan
  • Of the lies i have heard " i love you" was always my favourite..!!

    Ratul Paswan
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