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  • I still read those silly conversation of yours and mine thinking that how I begged in front of you to be mine but now the only thing which I want is you to be happy

    -Aatish Kewat
  • You were, you are and you will be my love forever no matter if it takes forever to make you believe

    Aatish Kewat
  • Say thanks to ur mom srujana because she gave a birth to you
    I love u srujana

  • And I know he's not perfect in your eyes but somehow he is in mine

    Scarlett maze
  • "She is my time machine,she forgives my past,she accepts my present,very soon she will be my future..,"

    Balaji venkatesan
  • "Incase today is my last day,if you ask what's my last wish,a kiss from your lips..,"

    Balaji venkatesan
  • "i am really lucky,because i had a chance honeymoon with a moon..,"

    Balaji venkatesan
  • Loves Of God Is most powerful then the Loves of Human Being.

    Judicious Debbarma
  • Love is like learning to play the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

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