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  • Forget me that's what you say everytime, when we talk it only take seconds for you to say forget me...... But for me it will take decades to do such thing

    aatish kewat
  • the wall in my heart,very thick... its not gonna break by anyone,not even me... but,only one can do that,its something called "true love"

  • I was born to make you happy,now that you don't want me you will never be happy in your entire life

    Pearsen mukayi
  • We started to walk together by holding each others hand we crossed a mile in our life but even when i looked into your eye i feel like sweet 20 .....

    prabu pravya
  • Love can't see a thing.
    Love doesn't know a thing.
    Love needs only a thing.
    That is love...

    Tears Of Love.
  • Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and sour are you!!! <3

    Roses are red violets are blue everyday I day dream about you :-) what can I say? I'm crazy about you <3
  • True LOVE comes from the heart, True LOVE knows no end. So if you LOVE ME and it's TRUE let's stick it out to the END.

    Love is caring love is kind so I want you to be mind... Love is patient love is forgiving no matter what I'll always be pleasant... I love you my sweet sugar bun...

    Vanessa Dayes
  • I love you yes I do! but what can you do? Just Love me too! :-)

    Vanessa Dayes
  • " Don't tell me you love me bcuz you want to but tell me you LOVE ME bcuz your heart tells you to... I love you forever!........

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