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  • Still now i have no reasons to cry but now I have only one reason in my life why should I cry...i miss you dear

    BMW nmh
  • True love isnt romeo and juliet who died together its grandma and grandpa who grew old together

    watema isa
  • Never love a person like Hell.
    When he left you
    Then you realised actual Hell...

  • I chhungrilnun khawihtu chu hlut hle ang che, Kir leh tawh ngailo tura, i hringnun khawvel an chhuahsan hun tur i hre silo...

    Afaka Pachuau
  • The pain and hurt of relationship know only by a true one...but some people don't want a caring and loving one..

    babuls aeohi
  • I know you will never come heart can't forgot you my mind thinks about you are my love you are my everything... I love you my Arohi angel...

    babuls arohi
  • I want to wake up oneday..without you,...without your memories and without my love for you... but i am afraid that i will wake up on that day without my HEART

  • Love is when he keeps on hurting you,breaking you,forgeting you and making you cry still seeing yourself kissing him and hugging him tight, so tight to let him go.

  • Looking at you from faraway made me realise that love could share silently and unselfishly and that would be enough.

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