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  • True LOVE comes from the heart, True LOVE knows no end. So if you LOVE ME and it's TRUE let's stick it out to the END.

    Love is caring love is kind so I want you to be mind... Love is patient love is forgiving no matter what I'll always be pleasant... I love you my sweet sugar bun...

    Vanessa Dayes
  • I love you yes I do! but what can you do? Just Love me too! :-)

    Vanessa Dayes
  • " Don't tell me you love me bcuz you want to but tell me you LOVE ME bcuz your heart tells you to... I love you forever!........

  • I thought I would say you that how much I love you but can't say it because I don't wanna loose your friendship.

  • "Every One says Love is blind but the real fact is Life is blind without Love"...!

  • BOND an unbreakable thing which make two peoples to know each other by sharing some felling of hate and love this bond is between you and me and i know someday you will share a feeling not of hate but of love

    -Aatish kewat
  • "Into love and out again,
    Thus I went and thus I go.
    Spare your words and hold your pen—
    Well and bitterly I know
    All the songs were ever sung,
    All the words were ever said;
    Could it be, when I was young,
    Someone dropped me on my head?"

  • U luv me i knw datsy m nt angry wid u puchu...ur smile make my day..i did a lot of mistakes ....i hurt u a lot puchu i truly luv u my side always ...

  • You always hurt me. Although you are have new girlfriend im loves you. I couldn't forget all the moment we together. I'm miss you and your smile. I know you are loving and caring. I still loves you. I still hopes that you will came back to me. I love you so much daa.... miss you :-( muah...muah...muah...

    Que L`amour
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