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  • If loving you is a mistake then i want to repeat the mistake again and again....!!

    Ratul Paswan
  • When my heart is Open
    You Can SEE U in my heart,
    Because You are live IN MY HEART,
    Please Stay With me ,
    Then I can Live,
    I know you , You know me,
    But You don't Know My Love about you
    You are my shade

    Nishan Praneeth
  • I love you with my heart
    I love you with my soul
    I know you don't believe in me
    but trust me for I know
    my love is deep
    my love is true
    and it will never fade
    so tell me now
    and tell me true
    DO YOU LOVE ME.......

    Rintu Das
  • Let us always meet each other with
    smile, for the smile is the beginning of

    Mother Teresa
  • There is never a time or place for
    true love. It happens accidentally, in
    a heartbeat, in a single flashing,
    throbbing moment.

    Shaik Muzammil
  • You came, conquer and left...when I'll feel again the beauty of your staring eyes on me... I was not knowing that you will leave me for ever...

    Vino Sunil
  • Since the day you walked through the door, my heart melted my eyes sparkled and nothing has ever been the same again,
    I love you will never explain the desire I have for you!

  • Love is never apart,
    Because when I think of you,
    You're only a breath away.

    Phil Roe
  • Love is Equal being Gay is not bad it just means u like the same sex.

    Malorie CARTER
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