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  • You are the medicine to my madness. You always find a way through me.

    Maduwa Thabo
  • Just as the sun brighten the world that's how your love give light to my world

    Onyeanu sammi
  • Those that do believe in love will have the past to hunt them

    Onyeanu Sammi
  • Few are blessed with a tender heart but find the wrong person to love them

    Onyeanu sammi
  • Love is the strongest felling, if you deny it you are the craziest person alive!!

    Caden Gim Denner
  • If they break up with you for no reason, they never really loved you at all, but if they buy you a ring there is a sign wink wink!!

    Kylie Mae Vicky
  • It is good to love someone but we can't force them to love you back again.

    G Srinivas chary
  • My love for you is more than words can ever potray. You are my eternal fortune.

    Maduwa Thabo
  • In love we can control our minds but we cannot control our hearts

    G Srinivas chary
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