Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • Your my first crush,
    first love,
    first hug,
    first kiss,
    and now.....
    first heartbreak

  • I sAid " I lovE yOu ", yoU sAid " I lovE yOu too "
    BuT thE oNlY difFerEnCe iS I diDn'T liEd tO yoU

  • AtLeAsT iN mY nExT lifE I hOpE yoU wiLL be mine foR lifElonG

  • Don't think because I'm not talking to you That I don't love you
    I'm keeping distance myself Because I'm a disturbance to you sorry for everything Love you so much Thachu......

  • relationships are like flowers ,it doesn't matter whether you are watering or not watering them,they are gonna die it's just sooner or later!

    Abir Singha
  • When u cheat me hurted me and even said that u dont need me but my heart still have the memory of u and live with it ..... Thinking of u every moment of my life until my last heat beat

  • Part of the worst feelings is when your heart beat for the person you know they can never be yours

    Onyeanu Sammi
  • Your smile, shiny like star in darkest nights,
    Thoughts revolving around you like the moon and earth,
    When you show up its nothing less than a full moon,
    Maddy, the day our hearts meet is nothing less than a cosmic event!
    Without you I m a fish out of water!

  • Is not always easy to let go of someone, when you look back and see the distance you have travelled together.

    Maduwa Thabo

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