Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • I said she is good ....when someone ask me hows ur life.....but now u r no more...n wat am i suppose to say about my life.....come back dear...its so...paining.....

    surendar babu .R
  • If You Told Me That You Hate Me,
    I Wouldn't Have To Suffer
  • All this time I was riding on a dead end highway,
    Killing my desires, I waited for you to go away,
    A Long ago, even I stopped keeping the score,
    each time you said, you don’t love me anymore..!!
    I tried to hold my tears as tight as I could,
    But somehow I knew this wont do any good,
    but, if you could see my tears in the rain,
    You’d know I am trying to wash away pain..!!
    I wonder if there will be a better tomorrow,
    Or, would there be t

  • One lovely day. Me and Mercina sitting in the terrace. Admiring the sky. She told me see mag how the clouds are moving fast as time runs faster while I am with her..I replied see the sky which remains there as u always with me..but today she went as a cloud.. I am standing alone as the sky holding the past memories...

    John magnesh
  • I Don't Know Why I'm Crying For Someone That Forget Me,
    I Just Can't Stop Thinking Of You
  • Do You Love Me??
    If You Said "No"
    It's Fine For Me
    Cause I Will Love You Although You Hurt My Heart And Break It
  • Some day if i die.. don't think dat i forgot u....just have a look towords sky!my tears will be a rain drop on ur cheeks 2say"hey i m still with you!
    IMISS... U,... RA.... ❤❤AVANTHIKA

    ~bala muraliroyal~~
  • They say 'Follow your Heart'. But if its shattered to pieces...then which piece would you follow?

  • number can be deleted from the phone but memories cannot be deleted from the brain


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