Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • First of all am thanking to god gives me a wonderfull lady for me.
    If you love me or not i dnt bother.but i am loving you forever and ever in my life. Just i spend the time with you those memories enough to me i love u forever sindhu.

    -thanks u god.

  • I Don't Know U Ever Loved Me Or Not But Your That Smile Is Still In Ma Memory Plzzzz come back Divya

  • I still think of that peron who dont even care me .. because i still have a hope that oneday u wil came back to me..

    swathi bhukya

    Desmond Rha Khiangte
  • Dear regina,

    you known what i want,but you don't like to do my happy things,then for a long time,i excused you,cuz,you are my only one

    Desmond rha khiangte
  • i w'll be vry happ whenever my mobile phone get vibrt then ring,,
    Becz, i think it's a txt frm u...
    Bt suddnly sadly i realise,..
    U r n't in my life,...!
    Hw can u txt me..?

    sachin sani
  • I don't know why u r not my but I stl love u ...I need u I miss u always I cry for u every n8 and day but why ...!why ?? Why u r not coming back..

    clk diaz
  • Love is a infection , love is a disease , pain is what it gives us , blood is what it needs... love is the surrender to the darkest deep inside to the morbid and distasfull to the evil locked inside ...

  • Roses are red violets are blue. the way i like you isnt true.

    captain dwight and origami yoda

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