Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • I just want to keep her smile alive..
    I fail express at the right time....

    I fail to express in a smart way..

    I know that your smile is not gone blow over me again....
    But still waiting......


    Ashik jose
  • gayz îf ur lover leave u alone if yu see them again kick them n fuck dem n say thanks fr gve me chance to get a good girl as life partner .. kick on ass of fake galz love

  • I love you thachu... what did I do.... I love you .I know you don't lOve me but I love you as my heart. .....

  • If you dont love or not i love you bcoz u r my hrt nd I cant live without it I love.thachuu.umaaaa....

  • You don't deserve my love.
    Now,you can go looks for that girl next door.
    Cause you ain't the one I could call "MINE"

    Janice_Josh (instagram)
  • Judge me,I know you like it

    Janice_Josh (instagram)
  • loving is lik cought in chain saw... it not only hurts while going front but also hurts while coming back.

  • My days started when u r with me and my days stopped when u left me ... now my days r like red and green buttons ... I cant and I cannot move to other buttons without u ... my day r empty without u sugisweety..

  • Why did u leave me .. what did i do wrong .. i loved u so much but u never saw my love u just left me now am suffering... why did u do this to me ... plz not more now please forgive me i cant bare the pain .. please come back to me ...

    Swathi Janani

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