Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • I said, "you are slowly becoming someone else's"
    She smiled and said, "I never was your's !!"

  • Only when it happens to you will you come to know how painful it is, to not be remembered by the one you love.

  • your born to be love not to be hurt but, it's a part of life
    so chin up and face the reality that your a human NEVER GIVE UP LIFE GOES ON!!!


  • Some people have the power to forget someone..and they did not think about the old ones and they go on with their life,.. this is one of the blessings....
    but, the people who didn't have these blessings are so sad me :(

    Sudha Manoj
  • nan palamurai unnidam sandaiyitu irukiren, ne vathu ennai samathanam seithu marubadiyum pesuvai endra nambikaiyil....athu pala murai nadanthathu. ippozhuthu mattum yen ennidam pesa marukkirai..unnidam pesa vendum endru manam thudikkirathu, irunthum athai ennal seiyya mudiyavillai..eppadiyo ennai maranthu ne santhoshamaga irukkirai..un vazhkai nanraga irunthal enaku pothum..
    --- unnai marakkavum mudiyamal, ninaikamal irukkavum mudiyamal nan..

    Sudha Manoj
  • kehna aasaan hai bhul jaayenge unhey,
    fir kabhi bhi naa nazar aayenge unhey,
    naadan dil se jeet nahi paate hai hum,
    hosh ho ya behoshi bhool unhey nahi paate hai hum,
    Kitne sitam sahenge ab sochte hai,
    roj kaaton se apne dil ko nochte hai,
    badi shiddat se kiya hai humne unsey pyaar,
    ab dil maangta hai unsey thoda sa karar,
    naa jaane kab khatma hogi yeh taqarar,
    ab toh mann ho chala hai apna bhi laachar,
    mann bhi laakh samjhaay

  • i thought we would only be friends but we were more then
    but know were not
    i thought i would of forgot about what happen to use by now
    but i didn't
    i use to love you what happen to that
    i still miss you to this day
    everyday i see you it makes me remember what happen between

    brittany luke
  • i thought i forgot you. but i don't know i am pretending.
    to all my friends.

    abhinay bali
  • i never cried for anyone in my life.. you only the first.. i don't want to leave you. most of the times you irritates me, even also i gave up that... now we are separated, i don't know that you are enjoying or worrying about our break up.. but every minute i am thinking of you.. i hate u so much, for that only i dnt make any contact with u.. but i can't forget you.. because i'm still loving you. :'( :'(

    Sudha Manoj

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