Sad Love Quotes - Painful Love Failure Quotes

These sad love quotes, are verbal expressions of a subtle heart that has been carrying a huge load of pain and are the true feelings of broken heart and love failure.

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  • How can I forget you.??
    Death occurs to people but not to the memories...

    Randhir kaur virdi
  • before ,when i seen you last time......
    i dont know why i want to see u ,
    i dont know why i am liking you,
    i dont know why i am thinking about you,
    i dont know why i want to make you smile,
    i dont know why i want to spend time with you,,
    but now,
    i know only one thing that why i have tears ,,"i love you himaja"
    ...................i miss you

  • Priyadarshinee
    i don't think you can understand how much i love you.

  • Priyadarshinee
    i know ,ynu hate me.but i don't know,why i love you.

    Rudraa prasad
  • I love you whole through my heart ambica :( you know, In My Dreams You Are Mine But , In My Life You Became A Dream !! :( :(

    cherry charan :(
  • One lovely day. Me and Mercina sitting in the terrace. Admiring the sky. She told me see mag how the clouds are moving fast as time runs faster while I am with her..I replied see the sky which remains there as u always with me..but today she went as a cloud.. I am standing alone as the sky holding the past memories...

    John magnesh
  • Falling for your smile is not my fault, its u who smiled so sweetly to make me fall
    Falling for your silly talks is not my fault, its you who spoked so charmingly to make me fall.
    But it is my fault that I started loving you without knowing that you love me back or not…???

    aatish kewat
  • A word BYE and he walked away,all the dreams in his eyes were shattered..I did'nt had ache for this that he left me alone but I was extremely hurted when he said GOODBYE and started to weep from within... ;-(

    Randhir kaur virdi
  • "My friend asked me you are love with her?" I said my love is with her but I am not in that...


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