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me just me

Submitted on : Jun 27, 2009
im used
im abused
im always mistreaten
my lovers just dont understand
how i can be me just me
all they want
they never get
for my heart knows better then that
i see right through them
they just dont see
how i can be me just me
even in desperation
i know my own strength
i feel my heart saying softly
come on
these people dont care
they only see sometimes
your heart cant take it
that love is devine
my love is mine and only mine
its me just me
i am no longer used and beaten
my heart has grown fond
of this new kind of creature
this man caused me to fall in love
he made me feel so special
so one of a kind
i am now devine
and its no longer me just me
now its just me and he

~vaness mitchell

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