love...but my best friend

3 years ago

She always reply to my message....always telling about her emotions...missing my jokes in chatting,she always complaints about i was busy always when she looks..she also tell her future like she want 3 kids.. She always told she had no bf. Now i told her during chatting to met alone & to told something special.. Now she was not reply to my msg.. I didn't even told her i love her in chat... She was acting like didn't know what i was talking about...

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  • 2 years ago

    Anaiah Likes this guy , he likes her too I am her BFF writing this and they need more love

  • 2 years ago

    I think that you should just go for it man!! Tell you really like her. That's what I did and it worked! But say it out of the blue, say it when nobody is around and you feel it's the right time.

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Love Poem - Your Kiss

Author: Xavier Johnson★★★★
When you firmly place your lips upon mine, I
feel completely restored. Your kiss invites
me into your love to rest. I can recover from
the wounds of my weariness as your lips push
away my burdens. That sweet taste makes me ...(Cont.)