That friend that gets in your way.........

2 years ago

What should I do? My crush kinda likes me but his friend is changing his mind. I also knew that his friend and me didn't have a good connection. I also don't want anyone to find out but some people did and now they are going to my crush and telling him and patronizing him that I like him. I'm feeling like these other people are ruining my chance with him and when they ask him if he likes me he doesn't answer but then tells other people he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. What do I do?

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  • one year ago

    You should show him a speech from nick vj..... it will help him see clearly in the foggy mess

" You are little more than what i call amazing "

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Love Poem - No More Words No More Lies

Author: Vis★★★
no more words no more lies,
let it before it dies,
hear the words, hear the pain,
the last of love ENDS in vain.
Sweet in start, bitter ...(Cont.)