Valentines Gift ideas for Her

The day with its traditional glorification of love and romance, has always been special from the point of view of couples in love. With the magic of love and passion making way for celebration, one tries to reach out as tenderly as possible to his beloved. With touchingly suitable gift ideas you can always add to the passionate bond of love and romance and make the day an exclusive one.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  1. Along with the scintillatingly meaningful roses, you can try out a new blend. Instead of buying the clichéd greetings cards, write out a delightful message on a small piece of paper cut out to take the shape of a heart or that of a star. Have it attached to the stems of rose to gift it to your girlfriend. In addition to it, surprise her with an outing with to her favored resort. The combination of flower, message and the surprised outing will definitely come as a unique Valentine Day Gift
  2. To celebrate the day with oodles of sugar and cream, go for a heart shaped cake with that extra bit of icing to shape your sweet and short message. The cake in addition to roses in crimson, peach and cream will speak volumes of your passion as a Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend.
  3. If you are new into the relationship, yet to know her likes and dislikes a romantic book along with a cutely designed book mark will go down as a nice Valentine's Day gift for her.
  4. If you are into serious relationship thinking in terms of getting hitched, flowers, chocolates and cards will sound pretty boring and repetitive as well, so you can think in terms of granting her three cherished wishes. Granting three of her cherished wishes can be one of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. Ask her to spell out her wishes so that you may grant the same.
  5. For those trying to propose and promise, a promise ring with a diamond stud can be a spectacular proposition as a Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend.
  6. In case you cannot afford to say it with diamond, a viable and uniquely touching option would be to pen down a romantic poem and have it attached to a small crystal stand taking the shape of a heart. In case you are not good at rhyming you can frame out a short message to have it delightfully framed as her Valentine’s Day gift. Put it inside a suitable gift box to give it a nice wrapping, so that you can gift her the same. The message put down should be so worded that it conveys the intended promise.
  7. If your idea is to make her a gift in jewelry, another affordable Valentine's Day Gift idea for women would be to buy her a pair of ear rings in sterling silver.
  8. If you are still playful and want to put across your message indirectly, then you can opt for one of the readily available puzzles taking the shape of a heart as Valentine's Day present for her. You may give it a personal touch by inscribing your desired message.
  9. For your gadget savvy girl friend try to secure a headphone with a splitter of a heart in between as Valentine's Day gift for her so that both of you can cuddle up in all secrecy to cherish the romantic tunes.
  10. In case you choose a gift basket as Valentine's Day gift for her, try to give it a new feel by going for an assortment of berries delightfully boxed in addition to perfume and aromatic massage oil. The assortment will go a long way in highlighting your vibrant passion and romance.
  11. For the youngsters still in their school days designer note pads, paper weights, pens, stuffed toys, canvas bags and folders with specially enclosed love messages can go down fine as Valentine’s Day gift for girls.
  12. You can put into use any of your hobbies and passions to give shape to a suitable gift idea. If you are good at painting try out your hand at making her portrait or something that is emotionally close to her, you may even gift her painting of flowers including those of rose and orchid as Valentine’s Day gift. It will be a glowing testimony to your love for her.
  13. Gift of a mirror is treasured by most women, so you can go for a cute little one with an artistic décor as Valentine's Day gift for her. It can be a useful content of her beauty case.
  14. For a matured lady of the office going type, you can go for a exotic folder of leather make as Valentine's Day gift for woman to give her the right feeler as to her esteem in your eyes.
  15. If you really want to startle your fashion centric girlfriend with her penchant for socializing, speak about your passion of love along with a fantastic ensemble of evening or cocktail gown, matching shoes and that of a clutch. The given ensemble may be given an exotic finishing if you choose to pick on candies of her choice as an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift for her.
  16. There are many other options available including gifting her holiday package and that of gift certificates and coupons as Valentine's Day gift. Irrespective of the gift presented, try to pamper her feminine wiles, ego and passion at least on this special day of 14th February so that she feels proud of her man. Even that is no less than a gift on your part.


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