Tips on how to break up with your boyfriend

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  • When they meet, she should be well composed and relaxed, and not stressed. If the emotions build up (the boy also may get emotional), then it is better to call off the meeting immediately and resume it later when both are calm in their minds.

    On the other hand, he may get very angry about the breakup because of the shock he gets from the decision of the girl. In such a case, the girl should leave immediately and never retrace her footsteps. A pleasantly called off relationship will not create an enemy who may lurk about looking for an opportunity to harm her.

  • The final decision taken by the girl should be a determined one with no turning back; she should change her phone number and email address and the passwords of other such sites the passwords of which are known by the boy, and cut off all possible ways through which he may get back to her.

  • She must make sure that she returns all that belongs to him and take back from him all that is her personal property. This is a strong indication to let the boyfriend know that the relationship between the two is indeed over.

  • Though physically separated, the mental bond that was built up between the two takes time to break up, and, as has been said earlier, is more taxing on the mind of the girl. In such cases, once she has called off her friendship with her boyfriend, she should divert her mind through other activities like sports, take up some work or do further studies.

  • The boy, after the break up, may still want to continue the relationship with the same girl and promise to make changes in his attitude towards her. In such a case, if she has heard the same words from him before but saw no change in him, then it is better that she does not give a second thought to her decision of a break up.

  • Also, the boy may threaten to take his own life because of the break up. In such instances, it is wiser not to pay any attention to him or soften her heart towards him because once the relationship is restored, he may behave himself for a couple of months but will soon revert to his improper behavior towards his girlfriend.

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