Love spell requirements and ingredients

Different types of Love spells require different materials to cast the spell. Given below is a list of some of the most commonly used objects for casting love spells. Things needed to perform the ritual of Love spells vary according to the type of love spell being cast.

For example, the requirements of an attracting spell are Red ink, a sheet of paper, String, a pink candle, dried and crushed pink rose petals, a pan made out of aluminum etc... However, the requirements of binding love spell are red ribbon, photo of yourself, photo of your lover, a needle, red candle, pine oil incense etc...

List of things required to cast love spell. You don’t need to have all these for all love spells. The list changes based on the type of love spell you need.

  • Pink / Red satin cloth
  • White stone / marbles
  • Roses / Rose petals
  • Rosemary leaves
  • Rose water
  • Red wine
  • Olive Oil
  • Possession of yours that you treasure
  • Candles of various colors, sizes and shapes
  • Cords of various colors
  • Any incense
  • Photos of Partner / Performers
  • Hair of performer
  • Mirror
  • Possession of yours that you treasure
  • Rock salt
  • Glass container
  • Needles or some sharp objects

Apart from the material things listed above, for the magic of love spell to work, there should be the right environment, ambience and state of mind.

The phase of moon is an important factor which determines the success or failure of love spells.

Night time is the best time for casting love spells, preferably between Midnight and 1:00AM

A dark room or a dark spot is an essential requirement for the performing Love Spells.

It is very important that you cast love spells only if you completely believe in it and have true faith in your heart.


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