Easy Love Spells ♥ Simple Love Spells

Love spells never guarantee 100 percent success. Though love spells have the power to influence the mind and body of an individual, no love spell is powerful enough to make some act against their will. Cast love spell with caution and make sure you know what you are doing. Magic love spells are effective only when several elements come together, of which the will of the universe is most important.

Given below are some Easy love spells. These are some simple and common love spells that work.

Candle Love Spells ♥ Easy Love Spells using Candles

Candles and cords of different colors are the main requisites for easy love spells. The colors of candles for love spells depend on the type of love spell being cast.

Candle love spell to attract love ♥ Attracting Love Spell

Things you need to collect before starting this Love Spell Cast

  • A white candle of medium size.
  • Few things that are valuable to you
  • Thorn of a white rose

The candle should be big enough that you can inscribe spells on it. You will have to watch the candle burn down completely, so make sure the candle is not going to last for more than a couple of hours.

Once the candle and thorn is ready, make an altar and decorate it with the valuable things that you've collected for the purpose. Inscribe the words "ALL MY LOVE COME TO ME" three times on the candle using the thorn. Light the candle after placing it at the centre of the altar. Concentrate on the candle as it melts down and visualize your lover coming to you. Keep concentrating and visualizing till the candle completely burns down. Once the candle is completely melted, collect the wax and other things left on the altar and keep it in a safe place.

This is a white magic love spell and the magic of this simple and easy love spell will be seen within few days.

♥ An Easy Love Spell Using Candles ♥

  • Light a small White or Pink candle
  • Place it by the window sill at night
  • This is you calling out to your love


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