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  • If u love him..u ready for leave him..ready for feel hurt..and ready for heart broken...

  • I Love You As High As The Sky,
    As Deep As The Sea And
    As Many As The Sands At The Beach
    But I Think, The God Know More How Much I Love You
  • Sky is blue,
    Feel this hue.
    My love is for you,
    Baby, forever and its true...

    Mintu Kurmi
  • I loved you once and I love you still
    my life is amazing when you grab the wheel, and take control of my life…cause baby with out you my heart dies twice

    Willie M.
  • Love never dies by itself it is mudered by cheaters and liar

    shrinkhla srivastava
  • Your smile is like a sun that shine my day
    Without you my sun, how can I live? you show me the way on the dark day... I really love you
  • When i look into ya eyes that makes a pain to me thinking about you everyday i miss you so much i can't let you go i knew it from my love ya the only one that i need stay by my side forever

    Young Vaiphei(LyanZ Suantak)
  • You put my nightmares and fears to shame everytime we touch. I'm completely besotted with you madam Saviour.

    Utlwanang Golebanye
  • U smile i smile.
    U cry i cry ,
    but when u cry i make u smile.
    And when i cry u ignored me.
    Now i am living Auppy.
    Just waiting for one who love me in sadness and in auppiness.
    Its only be true

    kartikey sharma
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