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  • U smile i smile.
    U cry i cry ,
    but when u cry i make u smile.
    And when i cry u ignored me.
    Now i am living Auppy.
    Just waiting for one who love me in sadness and in auppiness.
    Its only be true

    kartikey sharma
  • "With you i can be became anything,but without you i am nothing..,"

    Balaji venkatesan
  • If You Don't Want To Know "What Is Pain"
    Don't Love Anyone Truly....
    If Someone Loves You Truly,
    Never Show Them "What Is Pain"

    Vimal rajkumar
  • You know what's running in my mind .
    Your Name .

    You know what's my Eyes are seeing right now .
    Your Pic .

    You know what's my Heart is wishing now .
    Your Presence .

    You know what's my Hands are searching for .
    You sweet little Finger .

    You know where my Legs are moving .
    Towards you .

    Do you know what I am doing now .
    Missing you .

    Do you know what I always do .
    Vimal rajkumar

  • someone can give you more than me (money). But I am sure no one can give you love more than me in this world
    I LOVE YOU .... it doesn't matter you love me or not

    shubh Kumar
  • the day when i loose u is the day i lost my mind and world please cm back can't live without u & ur love am missing badly kutti laavanya chandran
    (ravi kanth)

    broken heart rk
  • For you are not alone
    for i am here with you
    Though we're far a part
    You are always in my Traeh..! Anylesor.

    Dileep Sahu R.
  • I still read those silly conversation of yours and mine thinking that how I begged in front of you to be mine but now the only thing which I want is you to be happy

    -Aatish Kewat
  • You were, you are and you will be my love forever no matter if it takes forever to make you believe

    Aatish Kewat
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