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  • "The only star"
    "that i always wait to see everyday"
    "i want it to be the same star"
    "that you also keep an eye on"
    "that only star......".

  • Boy u got me crazy about you

    You are my sushine everday

    your perfect smile blows me away

  • It took only one touch of your hand on mine,

    The day we met, our eyes locked.

    I knew in that moment I would have no secrets,

    And you had my heart

    Diana Tambis
  • Love is a dream that comes alive when we meet....... flowers blossom when we meet...... clouds part away giving way to the rising sun when we meet...... i can still see the stars in the day when i'm with u.....and when i realize what am i thinking all i know is i think of u.... u and only u........ love u love u and love only and only u.......

  • Brain says: Heart you are stupid that you love her!
    Heart says: Yes, but you are stupid too that you are not able to know if she loves you too?
    Brain says: If i try to fins it and if the answer is no, you will be broken my dear.
    Heart says: It will be better to be broken then loving her stupidly, without knowing if her heart feels same for me or not.

  • Love doesn't make the world go round it makes the ride worth the while

  • HATE a person seriously.
    But, never try to LOVE a person for fun.
    It HURTS the entire life.

    Bala Niru
  • If he deserved you he would have stayed with you.
    If he didn't stay with you then you are too good for him.

    Stephen Daniels
  • I don't know whether to smile because we're friends or cry because that's all we'll ever be....

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