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  • I love you yes I do! but what can you do? Just Love me too! :-)

    Vanessa Dayes
  • " Don't tell me you love me bcuz you want to but tell me you LOVE ME bcuz your heart tells you to... I love you forever!........

  • I thought I would say you that how much I love you but can't say it because I don't wanna loose your friendship.

  • "Every One says Love is blind but the real fact is Life is blind without Love"...!

  • BOND an unbreakable thing which make two peoples to know each other by sharing some felling of hate and love this bond is between you and me and i know someday you will share a feeling not of hate but of love

    -Aatish kewat
  • "Into love and out again,
    Thus I went and thus I go.
    Spare your words and hold your pen—
    Well and bitterly I know
    All the songs were ever sung,
    All the words were ever said;
    Could it be, when I was young,
    Someone dropped me on my head?"

  • U luv me i knw datsy m nt angry wid u puchu...ur smile make my day..i did a lot of mistakes ....i hurt u a lot puchu i truly luv u my side always ...

  • You always hurt me. Although you are have new girlfriend im loves you. I couldn't forget all the moment we together. I'm miss you and your smile. I know you are loving and caring. I still loves you. I still hopes that you will came back to me. I love you so much daa.... miss you :-( muah...muah...muah...

    Que L`amour
  • If u love him..u ready for leave him..ready for feel hurt..and ready for heart broken...

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