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  • don't cry for any body they are not fit for ur tears.....the one who is fit for ur tears....will not allow you to cry....! dont waste ur tears....its never come back.. ..

  • Were the stars of an angel

    I gotta fight it through

    Even if I have to lose you

    Were the stars of an angel

    We gotta go in different direction

    Feels like I'm in whole new world

    There is something about you

    I dont wanna lose

    because i love you

    Serenity Sparkman
  • An ANGEL sitting in front of me..
    E'm thinking what if she looks at me!
    E'm here.,fully blank..out of form!
    Scared to raise my head above!
    Something going in my MIND..
    and seeing her E'm love BLIND!!
    Buzzing! going on all around..
    but my heart saying...nothing..
    Dunno about otherzz
    E'm juzz OUT OF WORLD!!

    Sid Moolimani
  • "The World Is Beautiful If Your Heart Is Full Of Love "

    Pari jee
  • I would rather be alone than with someone who makes me unhappy

  • i dont believe in love, but i believe the person who loves me...

  • We have crushes, we love people, but we marry the ones that we love and they love us back

    - Ashlee Maynard
  • I'm sorry I keep thinking about you.
    I wish I could be strong/bold enough to go away from you…
    I'm not sorry I met you, but I'm sorry that you met me.

  • How even through these sufferings, I am willing to hide all that I feel inside. I want to write everything about you, But I cannot describe anything without you...I cannot describe my disheartening feelings and the feeling of lost.

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