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  • My greatest fear in life is loosing someone who gave me strength to face stupidity & cowardness to say i'm in love...And that was you.

  • You are the star that leads my way to the darkest journey of my life;
    The very reason to regain my strength, breath again and feel life what is all about.

  • Every Boy's wish:
    I'm not a Prince but my life-partner should be a Princess.
    True Lover's wish:
    My life-partner may not be a Princess but I promise I'll treat her like a Princess!

    nazzii punk yogesh
  • Not only getting anyone is love but making a good place for self in one's heart is also love. ♥♥

    nazzii punk yogesh
  • Do you know why God made most parts of our body double and made some parts like: heart.....single?

    It is to find an other single to make it double. ♥♥

    nazzii punk yogesh
  • Relationship is not just a word, It's perfect match between two souls, It's a silent commitment, Which says, I will be with you.★♥★ ★♥★

    nazzii punk yogesh
  • A woman was in love with an ugly guy. Her friend asked her, “Why him?” Then, the woman replied immediately, “if only you can borrow my eyes, then you’ll see how handsome he is.”
    So Judge Every Person By Heart...Not An Eyes ★♥★

    nazzii punk yogesh
  • Never worry about how you tell someone you love them. Just go ahead and say it. The word “I love you” could never come out wrong. The only wrong way to say it would be not saying it at all. ♥♥
  • I feel content from my life when ...reason of your smile... is me even you don't know it.

    Sonia Sharma
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