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  • Perfect love is not recieving,its giving and forgiving. Perfect love is not red roses on valentine day, its the rest of the 365days of knowing you love someone. Perfect love is not phone calls and stolen kisses, its the silent smiles in memory of ur sweetheart. Perfect love is not grand wedding but spending a lifetime together. Perfect love is not fight-kiss and make up, its loving the one who annoys the hell out of u...........

  • dont let your valuable tears to fall down for those worthless people made u cry.the worthfull person will never let ur tears to fall down.dont miss him/her in ur life.

  • love is nothing but...its medicine for our life

  • dont cheat your soul,
    saying to yourself
    that you dont like or love
    when your heart does...

  • sometimes,its not about being together..itz about being there for each other..

    amanda ghosties
  • If I was given a choice between eternal life or A day with you, I would chose to spend a day with you. For I know that day would give me a memory to last more than eternity.

    Odaine Démar
  • If loving someone is madness i,m happy when people call me mad

  • in God's time
    you will fall in love
    in the right reasons
    to the right person
    when that time comes
    that love will be worth the long wait
    the tears and pain
    then you'll forget you ever waited

    kristine ruth dino
  • the key to happiness
    is doing what you love
    with the people you love

    kristine ruth dino
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