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  • iknew you wold come back for me
    i knew it.....
    but y didin't you
    i told my every frd i will porpose you
    and i felt sure you will except me
    but i was wrong
    why ! why! did u brake my heart
    now i can't any more
    as my love is only for you
    my dear sam

  • My lyfx worst enemy is my heart because itx of mine bt beatx fa uh....,,

  • Days passed by I still wait for you,
    Hoping someday you'd understand my love for you,
    You came into my life and taught me how to smile,
    Now you're gone, so is my smile!

    I wonder, how good those days were,
    When we held hands just to get closer,
    I hope to get you back as you were,
    Cause nothing in this world could match the love you showered!

    Karan Joshi
  • Everyday I wake up with a hope that you will be mine. Everyday I make an effort to keep you happy. Everyday I cry when you say 'you can't get over him.'

    I'm sorry that I came into your life, wish I could rewind my life. I would make sure I wouldn't come across you.

    Karan Joshi
  • 99% girls r acted according 2 their needs,but the boys still fall in love see thier acting....

  • Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you

    Zeeshan Qamar
  • love is a shadow where will be you go the shadow will be come with you but sometimes shadow will be leave you but i never leave you bcoz i love you

    rakesh lama
  • Every sonds from my phone il make to think its urs:-( ......but dont know y am wrong alwayzz :-(

  • Before Loving someone you must loving everything that makes you be a good lover~

    Imam Danisworo
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