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  • HATE a person seriously.
    But, never try to LOVE a person for fun.
    It HURTS the entire life.

    Bala Niru
  • If he deserved you he would have stayed with you.
    If he didn't stay with you then you are too good for him.

    Stephen Daniels
  • I don't know whether to smile because we're friends or cry because that's all we'll ever be....

  • "From the moment i saw you i just knew,
    Those stunning eyes so deep, enduring and true,
    from that moment i fell in love with you,
    I know you did with me too,
    A love so pure and true"

  • "I love you in every way,
    I see my future in your face,
    I will love you till the end of my days,
    I will wait as long as it takes"

  • Love hurt me...
    Love made me cry
    Love caused me pain
    But i'm still in love

    Gowthamy Vishwanathan
  • I hope this kind of magic stays
    forever between us two,
    and the whole wide world will
    know that God sent me you.

  • Love is a mixture of candy and poison,
    When you are being loved,
    its the sweetest,
    When you are being avoided,
    it just KILLS

  • You snatched the key of my heart and u went inside... Now i have lost the key but u are inside it...
    Don't to leave me cause i don have the key for my life...

    Chandan haritsa
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