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  • Love is like learning to play the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

  • Loves comes from deep of our heart. With smile on your face, joy of tears in ur eyes and many expression in your body. By thinking Good in Your mine and heart.

    Judicious Debbarma
  • "Love is a kind of hangover,made by heavens liquor,in devils dosage"..,

    Balaji venkatesan
  • its heaven wen u r with me but now, am in hell without you :'( still love you prakash

  • "Cupids are like stupids,they may aim their ammo at any time,on any body..,"

    Balaji venkatesan
  • "God blessed you to born as a pretty,god cursed me to fall in love with you"!

    Balaji venkatesan
  • "people often says,love failure actually that's their failure,real love never,ever failed".

    Balaji venkatesan
  • I don't have super natural belief,but when i saw you first i realize you are naturally super.

    Balaji venkatesan
  • If love is a foolish thing, then I love to be a fool, and am proud to have fallen in love with you

    Balaji venkatesan
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