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  • love is like 'i am sorry'. U have to say it every time.

    glenna rice
  • Lets commit the perfect crime...i'll steal your heart, and you steal mine <3

    dorian wood
  • guys are like a deck of playing cards

    you need a diamond to marry him you need

    a club for when your tired of him

    spade to speed his ass up to move him out

    the door and you need and a something to

    make his dam ass come crawling back knowing your in charge

    Addison Blevins
  • me and my wife were happy for 20yrs.......then we met

    cyrus mena
  • bachelors should be taxed heavily. it's not fair that some men should be happy than others

    cyrus mena
  • marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence and second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience

    cyrus mena
  • Love- Its one way ticket to Heartbreak city..

  • The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post.

    George Bernard Shaw
  • Before you find your handsome prince,
    You've got to kiss a lot of frogs

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