Love Poem by Emmanuel Lopez

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That Night <3

Submitted on : Jan 4, 2011
It happens out the blue, inspired to write. inspired to fight for that girl of my dreams, its silly but true no-one has ever made me feel like you, Now i sit every-night and think about why, how did this happen to me? happy as ill ever be, i know this is meant to be. The things that you said that night of that day, when u said what we meant that love was born then, Made me feel what i still feel to this day something that words just cant explain, all i can say is that everything changed i promise u nothing less than my best, is the least i could do after how much u been through, as long as I'm here i promise ill do, everything possible to see you smile like your suppose too. You opened your heart now is my turn too, you let me right in u weren't even scared, you gave me your trust, and god answered my prayers.......

~Emmanuel Lopez

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