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Sorry (*again)

User : Siyana
Submitted on : May 17, 2010
I didn't learn from mistakes....
I did a lot of things, which are wrong...
Then, I regret it... But not everything
That day, I did it
a mistake
a single little mistake
and the effect was big enough to killed me
I regret it
really ...
but, today
I did it again
and it messed me up
sorry, I'm so sorry
I did not meant to hurt you
to make you sad
but really,
I regret it
even for the second time I did it
I regret it for the second time
and starting this moment I don't want to talk about it
Let's just havin' fun here
Leave them with their crowded reason for being so mean
And I promise to keep my words
now,, ...
for the second time I begging to you
don't be sad
I'm here, and I won't let you down
I'm so sorry

Please forgive me,


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