Love Poem by Jerik Middleton

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Meant To Be

Submitted on : Mar 19, 2008
I know exactly what I am looking for,
Out of the woman in my life,
She wants to have kids one day,
maybe get married and be my wife

This woman is so sweet and beautiful,
She's the one I could never hide.
Someone that will give it her all,
and knows what she feels inside.

I know that this woman is funny,
someone who likes the things I do,
someone who wants to be loved,
But only wants a love that's true.

I know that this woman is confident;
She's not one that wants fights to start.
And I will do my best to protect her,
and never break her beautiful heart.

I know that she will do things to me,
Like no one ever could do before
And it wont be hard for her to see,
She's the one I most adore

I know that she is super smart,
And I can't wait till we get together,
I guess I know what I am looking for,
And it's a love that lasts forever.

I know that she is the someone
that is made perfect, just for me,
Finally I was introduced,
to this thing that's called a meant to be.

~Jerik Middleton

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