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User : Allie
Submitted on : Dec 24, 2008
This isn't a love, song
This isn't a love, song
This isn't my love story
Told in a hundred words
This isn't my love song
To you, no love song today

When you're sitting in the chair next to me
I feel like that chair should be cherished
When you smile at me
I feel like I'm melting, get the ice
A blush is rising to my cheeks
Can you tell my deepest secret?
So terrified

I bet you wouldn't like it if girls drooled over you
But you know that if I could I would
Tell you everything I feel
But why could I humiliate myself this way?
Like I could ever find the courage to say the unspoken words

You put something silly into my horrible breathless day yeah
You smile and turn around to look at an angry face
Was it flirting? Or was it just you?
I'm hoping for the former to be true

I want to unlock those blue eyes
The ones with sadness holding in the smiles
Oh It's killing me
Cause I didn't think I could find love like this again

Your heart, forever, remains
To me, to the world


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