Pls help me... :(

7 years ago

My name is jerald (a) jerry.. em a christian.. i fell in love with my schoolmate, sakshi.. she is a north indian, hindu (marwadi i think).. she is 1 year younger than me... she is from a rich famiy and...i belong to a upper middle class family... i've not talked to her before but i keep staring at her always when she comes out of her class... i think she knows that...

Now what i wana know is,

(1) is there any marriages like this (christian and marwadi) happened and you know that ....???

(2) shall i go and talk to her about my love or become her friend first...??

(3) if about my love, how should i start..?? i need some ideas plzzz.....

coz, i am very much confused.... whether she would like me or not......i think u ll understand my situation.... thanxx in advance....

regards, jerry.......

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  • 7 years ago

    well for one dont stare so much and yea become her friend ecspully if shes new (1)its great to have a friend.(2)you love her now hangout with her and find out if she likes or LOVES you it never late to try. senserlly jade or jada vance.

  • 7 years ago

    if you guys fall in love thenn 1. nationality shouldnt matter in real love 2. it will happen naturally 3.wealth shouldnt matter

    you should definitely become friends :) x

  • 7 years ago

    well, i didnt mean dat..... its juz an xtra information abt her... so u cn undrstnd my situation clearly....anyways thanxx fren..... :)

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