pls guide me.. does she love me?

8 years ago

i love a girl and proposed her and she said tht she likes me a lot, she dnt and will never hate me, and knws tht i can keep any girl happy.. but she cant love me....!!! and she told tht she will never love me...but i said," i have confidance on my love and definitely one day u ll realize my love and u itself come and tel me tht u love me..." still v are friends... but these days she is very close to me.. and shares her happiness, sadness.. all her problems ... even her personal things... i feel she loves me... but nt sure... i love her sincerely.. does she loves me..? or hw can i make her love me...!! i cant imagine a life without her... if i come to knw tht she is not for me, the next second i wont be in this world....!!! :'-(

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" LuV iS dIFFicULt, NoT IMpOssIBLe "

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Love Poem - My Kitty

Author: Pankaj Kumar Sakhuja★★
Sometimes shy sometimes naughty
When she fights looks very spicy
Cheeks always red eyes always cuty
That's very special my KITTY. ...(Cont.)