one side love

5 years ago

My name is vijayakumar age 29 and I loved a girl age 19 she alredy love failure, she speak well nicelcy to me, friendly person ,if iam not they well not eat like this our relation ship, but I propouse her she not accepting my love , she telling we cant marry and just a friend and iam already love fauilre I cant forget him. I will marry first lover only if iam not normal in future I forget first lover, also this is my love problem

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  • Amy
    5 years ago

    Love is when 2 hearts become one soul its important for both of u to have a bond, but if she dosent except it i guess u should move on their are many fish in the sea hope this helps:)

" The rose that you gave me has faded and wilted away... but the love tucked deep inside remains in my heart for ever. "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - The Stars

Author: _eunnie_★★★
Can you see the stars?
one of them signifies Frienship
one of them signifies Hatred and,
one of them signifies you..
The brightest star is you ...(Cont.)