MY LOVE????????

8 years ago

i love pooja name is Debarghya Nanda.she looked at me at college always for 30 to 35 days..she pointed at me to her a time,i send a friend request her.she accept me.but, some days ago,she unfriend me..i told my friend that ,what is the reason for look and indicate at friend told him to pooja that i like him...she told she has a boy friend....and she quarrled with me through facebook....and she told i did not know Debarghya Nanda.....i do not understand what is the reason for looked and indicated at me.please,told me very soon...

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Love Poem - Love

Author: Neka La'Shay★★★
Love is genuine, love is patience,
Love mumbles out the tongue,
Love runs down my shivering body,
While you express the love you have with me.
Love is a hard word to define, ...(Cont.)