love problem

8 years ago

i have one serious love bt a problem is she is from my that also true i love her so much.tell me how i share her in my whole life
i m confused and there r many problems with both from family
tell me what can i do????????

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  • sry
    8 years ago

    sry frnd just forgt her thats nt love just attractin n look forwd.......

" Cry your heart out, let it all go, because after every tear there is a rainbow "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - To My Granddaugthers

Author: Lisa fetrow★★★★
May you aways have an angel by yourside,
watching out for youin all the thing you do
may all your wishes and dreams come
true,givivg you hope that is as certain as
the sun ...(Cont.)