love is hard???

8 years ago

well i am 16 years old and i am in love with some one... and they are 21...
so like i am sitting here confused as EVER... she tells me that she loves me and wants to be with me, but at the same time we have to hide it from everyone... she dont want it to get out right now.. and i understand that... i dont want anyone to know right now... but at the same time i do.. so that i really can be with her.. so now i am sitting here thinking should i go on with this and see where this goes or what???? like i truly love this person and i want to be with her... but it is like i dont like hiding it... because i just cant go up to her and kiss her when i want, or hold her hand or call her baby, or anything... and i want to do that SO BAD.... so what should i do... can anyone help me???

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  • 8 years ago

    My advice jst leave hr aur koi aisc bnao jo tmc really m pyar krti ho bye tc

" In this monochrome world, I will search the depths of the Earth and the limitless skies for you(: "

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Love Poem - I Could

Author: Summer McDaniel★★★
I could stay up just looking at your picture
all night,
I could dream about yo when i go to sleep at
I could kiss you and hug you evertime i saw ...(Cont.)