Love has pain too.

8 years ago

She was the only girl i have loved till dae. No one has loved her more than me. I have not loved anyone like i loved her. She is not in my town now. God snathced her from me right on my Birthday. Now all i do is think about her, cry and smoke and drink and masturbate. Please help me friends. Things are getting worse day-by-day.

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  • 8 years ago
    2. You are only making it worse
    3. There is a saying-

    If you love her, let her go
    If she comes back, she is yours,
    If she dosn't come back, you never had her to begin with

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Love Poem - Passer-by Night...

Author: Hazem al jaber★★★
no one there..
only ,my pains
here i am carrying my pains...
passing through a lot of thorny ways...
passing through only your eyes... ...(Cont.)