Chinese Calendar Years and Zodiac Sign

The Chinese lunar calendar is made up of 12 years, which repeats in a cyclical order. Each of these years in the Chinese calendar is named after an animal and the Chinese believe that each year is ruled by the animal after which it is named.

Chinese Lunar Calendar - Animals ruling each Year

According to Chinese astrology that the personality of a person is very much influenced by the animal ruling the year in which he/she is born. It is not just the personality of a person that is influenced, but everything happening in the world is influenced by the ruling animal of that particular year. A complete Chinese lunar calendar has a sixty year cycle.

Find your Chinese year of birth and find out what are your personality traits according to the Chinese astrology by finding out which animal rules you. Also find out which animal is responsible for the personality traits of your friends, lover/partner, brother/sister etc…

Chinese Birth Year Calculator
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