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where am i lost???

User : abhijeet
Submitted on : Dec 26, 2009
Time plays hide n seek with the soul i search,
Everywhere it’s futile with the path I lurch.
Joy has just become a ridiculing element,
Engraved under the faith of wind and cement.
The storm roaring for a beautiful existence,
But someone deceiving with her infinite resistance.
Neither the rustle of leaves , nor the whirling dance of torrents,
Can amuse the withered heart, born out of beautiful parents.
Conflicting ideas are what I am left out with,
It’s the love and responsibility that have choked my nerves with their seath.
Eccentric has become my encounter with my life,
Retrieving back to the original is just an illusion I may strive.
The tune of violin or guitar may emanate mesmerizing music,
But someone has made me irrational and have snatched away all my logic.
Conjuring up a devious spirit in this arena of wrath and rage,
How can I bear this hatredness with the ascend of my age.
Just for one sacrifice, am I born for??????????
For that one I wished I was never born…
I used to concoct many dreams where only you and me where there,
But when I woke up I realize it was just a dream and dream and dream and just a dream……………………
I wish this life would have been short and the nights still shorter,
So that my pain would have been short and my dreams still shorter.
I wish I may strive to get you …….i wish I may pour out every emotions on you,
But it is just a wish …………..i wish it is not just a wish…………….a damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I am lost in the world of hallucination,
Plz someone tell why does she hallucinate my every moment…..
Eyes are just like the voice of heart,
I m baffled whether it is her eyes or her heart that killed my heart.
Alive but not living, dead but not departed


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