Love Poem by tiara aka mz. moore

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my perfect love

Submitted on : Dec 24, 2009
when i first talked to u i didnt know what to say but the more we talked the more my heart gave away i didnt really think of u nd how u could change my life but now i cant imagine a day without ur light. u light up my day as if u were the sun u are my sense of completion when my difficult project is done. u are always on my mind no matter what time of day even when i shouldnt i think about u anyway nd when i think of u this much the day seems so long nd all the time we spend apart just seems so wrong u are my special gift sent from up above sent to me from heaven sent for me to love thank u for ur smile in ur light that feels up my dreams u always make it brighter no matter how dark it seems. i love you always nd forever kawond
mz. moore :)

~tiara aka mz. moore

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