Ten best gifts on Valentine's Day

The nexus of Valentine's Day to that of giving, receiving and sharing dates back into the days of yore. Despite wanting in commercial extravaganza of the present day, exchange of love tokens or that of greetings was one of the common occurrences.

From the point of view of gifting, sharing and exchanging, no other day is as pertinent as the Valentine's Day. Whether you are gifting your guy or your girl, it is important to analyze some of the best gifting options. Though, the concept of ten best gifts on Valentine's Day is largely subjective and case specific. In order to spoil and pamper your buddy and shower on him/her with the most deserving option, the following list may come in handy.

  1. Personalized love book for him/her

    If you are sentimentally reflective about your beloved and look forward to a similar kind of response, get a book of hard bound suitably tailor made to serve your end. While the pages with relevant customization offer you to include fascinating snippets of your love story, you can also get them sketched with your creative ingenuity so that the choicest emotions of togetherness can be desirably lettered. For a man /woman similarly reflective, it is perhaps the best Valentine Day gift.

  2. Jacket to suit your gadget freak guy

    For your techno savvy guy with penchant for digital and gizmo wonders, the gadget oriented jacket for men may turn out to be one of the top Valentine gifts. Choice of such a gift will enable him get a glimpse into your caring concern, where you have a thought or two to spare about his passion.

  3. Celebration of sugary sweetness

    To give way to love's sugary sweetness, go for the cutely draped basket with concoctions of sugary delights. Ranging from cream pops to that of cherry hearts, the basket will give way to a whole lot of goodies. Arguably the best Valentine gift for those with sugar tooth, you can afford to keep calorie consciousness at bay for the sake of celebration.

  4. Blend of sweets and furry wonders

    You can avail of an exotic ensemble of a plush teddy along with its mini sized enchantment. With both being enclosed in a cutely decorated box, the inclusion of sweet treats comes as a delightful cherry topping. Undoubtedly, one of the top Valentine gifts for those who are willing to be spoiled and pampered.

  5. Spa basket

    Sweets, chocolates and creamy treats needn't figure in your plan when it comes to spoiling and pampering. You can also have her duly pampered with one of the top Valentine gifts of spa basket. Including a useful ensemble of lotion, seaweed, salt soak, cleansing mat and other pertinent equipments; your beloved is bound to feel soothingly relieved.

  6. Ensemble of herbal beauty care regimen

    You can fascinate your beauty freak with a penchant for herbal care with one of its leading beauty care assortments. As a token of love for your finicky girlfriend, it is one of the top Valentine gifts.

  7. Basket of champagne

    With truffle to accompany champagne, you can add to his passionate spree. Moreover, the ideal blend of champagne, Chocó bites and truffle will be enough to turn on your passionate man. To go by combination it is the best Valentine gift.

  8. Love tokens/Love meters

    If you have germs of love or that of fondness for a so called pal/buddy, neatly stacked heart shaped wonders will just suit you fine to put out the feelers of love. One of the top Valentine gifts, if you wish to be on proposing spree, it will have him /her bowled over as well.

  9. Pendant in form of a key

    Key is meant for unlocking, so make use of a key pendant to guide your Valentine in her course of unlocking. It may either be a piece of jewelry pendent or that of a ring. But purpose of both with respect of unlocking will be glaringly same. The best Valentine gift to open the door to love.

  10. Trendy jewelries for your stylish girl

    It is common to have inseparable nexus drawn between jewelleries and women. With their intrinsic fascination for jewelleries, you can sweep your girl off your feet by opting for some of the stylishly sleek as well as affordable pieces. Designed with a whimsical blend of color, gloss style and sleekness; designer neckpieces or those meant for wrist will undoubtedly turn out as the best Valentine gift for your stylish girl.


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