Creative ways to say I Love You

The three simple words, 'I Love You are well known and very popular the world over. These are the words most frequented in a relationship. They are very simple yet they mean the world to the one who hears them or feels them coming from the one they are in love with.

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Chats on the internet, emails, snail mails and talks on the landline or the mobile phones, or other ways of communication between two in love are replete with these words. These love words cross cities and countries and move even across the continents just to let the other person know how much they are loved.

These words carry the weight of a relationship in marriage or otherwise on their shoulders. These words can mean a happy married life to a married couple or a relationship which never goes stale.

Therefore, they are a necessary to keep a relationship going strong over a long period of time. Lovers may not exactly word it out but they express the three famous love words in their own unique ways.

'I Love You' can be spoken or it can also be expressed in several different yet meaningful ways beside the use of a pen, only to let the other person know how much s/he means to his/her and how much s/he is wanted and cherished in their lives.

The love can be expressed through one's eyes, holding the hand of the lover and not letting it go or spending long hours together not wanting to part. This section tell you lots of creative Ways to Say 'I Love You' and keep the bond of the relationship strong. Also know how to say I Love You in different languages.


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