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do u care for me?

User : abhijeet
Submitted on : Dec 26, 2009
My heart has cried a thousand tears for u, a thousand tears of joy, sorrow and pain. The kind of pain that makes u realizes that you have been in love. All that is left of this tunnel of tears is nothing but numbness, a fake smile and a yet more tears. What else is there about love?
I won’t say that I love u,
because I have said u too much
I won’t say that I melt with ur touch.
I won’t tell you that I miss you
I won’t tell that I m true,
Coz all that u already knew.
I won’t tell u that I m yours
And to that to u I belong,
Becoz I believe u are bored by this long song.
I won’t tell u that I love u in despair
Coz I feel that u really don’t care.
Each day I promise and bet
That about u I must forget
And when we contact
all the promises do dig there graves.
And about that I always regret
And again I tell u that I love u
Again I say I miss u
Again I tell u that I m yours
And to u I belong
Though I m sure that this is wrong.
But I can’t stop loving u
I can’t stop my feelings
I just want to stay one day with u
Not to talk but only to hear
To hear from u that u love me
And to feel that u r clear
To feel u near
To hear that u will take away my fear
Will dis day ever cum ………………………..Oh!!!!!! my dear.


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