Love Poem by Labastida R.K

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Cheesy :)

Submitted on : May 12, 2013
All I want is to know you better

I hope a bridge between us can be written using this pencil

and also the things that only exists in dreams

i wanna practice fantasy into reality how hard it may seems

persuading a dream, an image of you and I

you are like my drug you take me so high

i wanna make you feel

what my heart desires is only you my dear

i'll give every single sweat and ever single cent just to put a smile

if you're heart is the finish line i'll run thousands of miles

but you're only a star that every man want's to reach

I look upon the sky hoping you heard my wish

I wanna be a part of your life

if possible I want you to be my wife

count on me that I won't get tired of loving you

because you are mine and I'm only for you

I hope you are the one who is written on my path

you are the only one who brings rats in my heart

I didn't imagined that I would go this far in loving you

my mind flew,heart jumped, and my world stopped because of you.

~Labastida R.K

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