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If I could

User : Vincent
Submitted on : May 12, 2013
IF I Could
If I could whisper to your ear
I will tell how important you are my dear
If I could kiss your lips
While I cover your eyes like an eclipse

If I could make you smile
And protect you from the world’s vile
If I could turn back time
And give you my love’s prime

If I could ask the stars to watch over you
And command the wind to tell you I miss you
If I could make a deal with God
And ask him not to make you feel sad

If I could conquer the world in your name
I will give you all the riches and fame
If I could control time and space
I will be there for you any time at any place

If I could stop saying, if I could
And do what I should
I could be a better man
I could now be right next to you holding your hand

~Vincent Neil Gonzales

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