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The Duke's Daugther

User : Vincent
Submitted on : May 12, 2013
The Duke’s Daughter
Monday morning at the castle I arrive
Homeless, and deprive
The only family I have was a white Pekin
A duck I named Ken.

I work in the Duke’s Apple Orchard
With a guy named Richard
I always bring Ken, to play with his friends
A rooster name Adolf and Hitler the hen

I enjoyed my work, as an apple farmer
Planting, cultivating and admiring the apple’s flower
Wondering what will come to tomorrow
Is it happiness or sorrow?

Tuesday morning Richard got sick
So I took his chores for the week
A simple job for a lazy berk
Delivering apples to the kitchen, what an easy work

Wednesday, morning, 21st of fall
Three maidens came and ask for apples
I gave them a basket, told them not worry
Pick all you want and I will carry.

So they did pick a lot of apples
I lift the basket, my strength begins to baffle
“Is it heavy” she asks?”
“No, my lady I’m a veteran in this task”

I lied, the basket was really hefty
A man has to prove to a lady
A strength that is manly
Especially to those who has beauty

So I convey such heavy burden
While I walk towards the kitchen
After that they laud my generosity
And thank me in behalf of Eliza, daughter of his majesty.

I smiled and walk back to the field
To tend for the seedlings and a roof to weld
I waited for the day to past
And watch the flag dance on its mast

Bright silver moon, ruled the starry sky
Cold autumn breeze tossed the leaves up-high
Eliza stood on her balcony singing a song
Gazing at the stars, I wonder how long.

I step out from where I was hiding
To hear further, what’s she’s singing
Serenity filled my heart as I heed her voice
Her laughter and smile blooms in her rejoice

I leap, I shout, I toss a rock
But she never move nor answered back
Under the moonlight stood an apparition
A ghost trying to get her attention

Her happy face brings color to this heart of mine
It felt like heaven’s radiance in my soul that shines
But she’s the Duke’s daughter; I’m just an apple farmer
What life can I give her, what wealth can I offer?

Thursday morning a knight arrived
Fresh from the crusades he rides
The Duke prepares a feast
But never invited the least

Eliza was there, beside the knight
Now I know why she was happy last night
She will marry a man with chivalry
And leave my heart and fantasy

I’m glad she falls into the right man
I wish that she will be happy in his land
I hope he will love, and protect her with all his might
And live in harmony under God’s light

She left the castle Friday night
That’s why I did not saw her singing under the moonlight
What once a peaceful place I can be
Can never be brought back to reality

Saturday had passed, Sunday came
I couldn’t imagine how sad I became
So I took a walk miles away from that place
To find solemnity that my heart will praise

Gazing at the peaceful meadow
I relax under the tree’s shadow
With Ken, my dear feathered friend
Recalling what a week it has been

I long for Eliza, The Duke’s daughter
I miss her smile, her voice, her laughter
I wish she’s here for me to call
A day without her is not a day at all

Mending my soul back again
Admiring the meadow as a fair maiden
Realizing to love myself and be happy
Yet I still lack some part of me
Eliza was the one my heart truly puts above, I
Bet her existence my soul had loved.

The Author’s Note:
(To know who the Duke’s Daughter really is
Follow the Mountains down to a Better place, there you find who she really is.)

~Vincent Neil Gonzales

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