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The Little Things You Do...

User : Janette
Submitted on : Dec 20, 2009
The little things you do...

The morning brush of your skin touching mine;
As you rise the levels of sensitivity from my thighs to my spine.
Your lips tender embrace,
As with this you leave a loving print on my face.

The bed of your hand,
In which I lay my head.
Closing my eyes,
In you my “TRUST” is put to rest.

Soothing hands to relieve my work days stress,
You NEVER give anything less than the BEST.
Your attentiveness to the smallest details,
Prove all that our future will entail.

Your stimulating conversation,
Of dreams, truths and aspirations;
Seal these “SOULS” undeniable connection.

The way you “Love me,” unconditionally.
Even at my lowest vulnerability.
Never seeking an opportunity for disappointment,
Rather to lift and raise me, supporting my stature and poise;
A united "COMMITMENT".

Manly, loving, charming, my friend,
You are walking by my side till the END.

Honest to a fault,
No secrets, no vaults.
No hindering emotions no faults.

Imperfectly perfect my loving partner and friend.
Because of the "Little things you do,"
All my fears and worries are put to rest.
"I thank God for teaching us how to love and strive through the worst and the BEST."

Copyright ©2009 Janette Santiago 10.26.09

You once said..."The fire that is ablaze and yearns for your love can't be justified by words. If there is a word that is greater than 'love', then I have that 4 u!" Author: JSmith
For this I TRUST YOU...


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