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Sleepless Nights...

User : Janette
Submitted on : Dec 20, 2009
It�s 12:20 in the morning... Tears streaming down my face�
As I close my eyes and try to sleep all I see is the trace of your face.
Your cold heartless words, running a marathon through my mind,
Remind me that you were of no special kind.

Tormenting my soul like a storm in the middle of the night,
Disaster causing pain lingers still in the morning light.

Neglecting to be all that you professed to be,
You�ve left a stream leading to a river inside of me.
As I drink from my cheeks, I taste the salty reminders
Knowing that one day all will be washed away and behind us.

You�re like a bad habit that feels so good.
Yet my body is too weak to fight and let go.
I try to run and get away,
But my feet are cemented, too heavy to pull through.
How do I learn to love another, when my heart belongs to you?

Are you so broken inside that all you know how to do,
Is to break the heart of the one that�s been true to you?
I hate these feelings; I want to remove you from my mind.
Yet, no one knows me like you do; you will always be my special kind.

I have to be strong,
I have to move on.
Release myself from this torment,
Your face lingers in my mind every moment.

Burns across the palms of my hands from my gripping hold,
But to you I have yet told.
That my sleepless nights are spent remembering you.

Copyright ©2009 Janette Santiago

~Janette Santiago

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