Love Poem by Randall Richardson

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Submitted on : Feb 1, 2012
The fire that lies deep within
the flames of your heart
that burn so intensely hot
makes the Love I have for you almost a sin

To know you as I have felt
with every agonizing moment in life
that we are apart, my lovely wife
makes everything that I feel
just makes my loving heart melt

To have had you in my life so fully
and to now see where we stand
and how far apart we really are
makes me sad, and a chore for me duely

To withstand your tempest of anger sometimes
to have to endur your wrath of almost hate
makes me sad somtimes that you,
yourself have considered it "Fate"

The love that we once shared, loved and enjoyed
now to be so far and distant
almost to be at a point of non-existance
makes me wonder more and more everyday
IS this a love that is meant to be and forever, to STAY

You have your dreams and refuse to change or sway
I have my dreams and they mean as much to me
but I am to place them aside just so
you can have YOUR ultimate way

You will not allow yourself open for change
I must make the sacrifice if there is ever
going to be a chance for "US" again
For that change I will pay a heavy price
and forget MY DREAMS, now ain't that nice

But my love for you runs that deep
to the very inner most regions of my core
so if that is the way that it must be
take this to heart my dear
I will make that sacrifice for you,
because you mean that much to me
and because I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH
and will be honored to be what I must

~Randall Richardson

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