Love Poem by Randall Richardson

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Facing Reality

Submitted on : Feb 1, 2012
Sitting alll alone here in the dark with a beer in my hand
thinking back of everything that has happended
and for the spirit in me and lifes lil games
cannot understand wtf happenedto us
THIS I Will never interpret or understand

I just know that when i think of you
I see sunshine, never any rain
there was always hope abounding inside
and never understood why
just knew there was something there
that I never could control nor would it subside

You became apart of me that i can never explain
just know that there are feelingthat run ass deep
as the earths foundation and uncontrolableas theymay be
it still resides in a part that was locked away or so it seemed
then you broke that lock on my heart sooo easily

there is still apart of me that can never let go
and alll I can do is to remeber how it was
and try to move on as you have and put it in its place
but then it hits me so hard and deep
twas you that i had been searching for
from the very beginning of this and all eternity

You touched me in ways even GODS could not control
and now all I hear and all I see
is the hard stone facts in my face so cold
my TRUE WIFE you will never be

this in itself makes my heart break so badly
like a fine piece of crystal upon a shelf
Cause if you truly knew how I love you so madly
there would be no doubts nor questions to contemplate
only that us finding each other in a mad world of chaoticism
we were chosen to find each other, twas our fate

Now it is done and you have moved on to other things
and have told me that if I were smart I' do the same
So I sit here trying to put it all in its place
and all I can see is this beautiful woman I love soooo much
afar off in the distance moving away from me
and this saddens not only my heart but also my face

So as i sit here drinking another beer and thinking
bout a woman I cherished more than life
does not matterthe circumstances as theres only
one thing for sure, she will never truly be my WIFE!

So to her I raise my glass in a toast
here, here, to my wife that will never be
and I PRAY that for her alone she
finds a heart as true and pure as my LOVE
like she has, as I love her still sooooo
DEEEEEEEEPPP WITHIN, so shall she have
her life as she deems it to be
but all will know that she will never, ever
feel that of my feelings for her replaced
cause all that is just my LOVE to her from ME!

Upon this last verse I lower my glasss
and look upon her face to behold such beauty
and think to myself,let her go to her own way
in the end, all will see and know as SHE will indeed
that there was only one that could feel this way
and that twas I in my glory of this life
as this woman so much she means to me
will never be, MY WIFE!

~Randall Richardson

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