Pisces - Virgo Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about pisces man and virgo woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Pisces zodiac sign and a girl with Virgo sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of pisces & virgo zodiac signs. All about Pisces Virgo compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a doomed to fail relationship.

Virgo female and Pisces male epitomize “opposites attract”. Though they hold a common platform but differences will surely crop up every now and then. They see in each other a similar sensitivity, but unfortunately both showcase their love in absolutely opposite ways. This is mainly because Virgo woman is always keen to express love whereas Pisces man prefers to trail off with certain unspoken things.

Pisces (M) – Virgo (F) Characteristic traits

A Pisces man may be a terribly adjusting man with submissive angle and avoids conflicts and these are literally his strengths instead of weakness. A Virgo girl enjoys home. She makes a splendid mother and a lovely wife. She helps the troubled and tortured.

Pisces (M) – Virgo (F) Sex & Marriage

As the common worry of hurt and rejection in them dwindles within their mind it also pulls them towards one another and they create a tremendous couple. A physical relationship between the Virgo lady and the Pisces man is of a mutual attraction of explosive sexual activity.

Pisces (M) – Virgo (F) Family & Children

Their love-making turn out to be a beautiful part of their life with contentment now and promises to get more soon from each other. As parents they each perform their key roles excellently and provide their children the love and security each kid wants.

Pisces (M) – Virgo (F) Friendship

Any of the Virgo and Pisces friendly relationship is compatible as long as there are definite directions and bounds. As long it doesn't push their faith too laboriously, a relationship will begin and each Pisces and Virgo enhances other’s stability.

Pisces (M) – Virgo (F) at Work

Colleagues and business partners are also well maintained by both of them except for the fact that Virgo thinks Pisces are slippery and non-committed and Pisces thinks Virgo is too pessimistic. But usually they do well.

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