Aquarius - Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about aquarius man and cancer woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Aquarius zodiac sign and a girl with Cancer sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of aquarius & cancer zodiac signs. All about Aquarius Cancer compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

The equation between the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman might be puzzling to some extent as they have different attitudes towards life. They might be drawn towards the warmth that each of them exude for each other. They may not have a smooth walk together but lot can be built with love and compassion.

Cancer (F) - Aquarius (M) Characteristic traits

The Aquarius man is very gentle and calm and his docile nature is often mistaken to be his weakness. He faces problems upfront and is extremely caring and loving towards his woman. The Cancer woman is a charmer and allures people with her laughter. She is possessive about her lover and is quite careful about money. Though she might be bossy at times, the Cancer woman is dearly sentimental and caring about people close to her heart.

Cancer (F) - Aquarius (M) Sex & marriage

Though there is no real drama in the love making between a Cancer female and an Aquarius male, they usually form a strong chemistry with each other. The Cancer woman is the ultimate feminine diva in bed and her strong senses of raw passion are aroused well by her man.

Cancer (F) - Aquarius (M) Family & Children

The Aquarius dad believes in letting his children explore the world. He gives them a lot of freedom to build their own lives. The Cancer mom is over-indulgent about the kids and wants to protect them all the time with her love and care.

Cancer (F) - Aquarius (M) Friendship

A successful association can be formed only when both are willing to merge their qualities. While the Cancer is private and traditional, the Aquarius is outgoing and modern in his outlook.

Cancer (F) - Aquarius (M) at Work

The Cancer’s persistence and the Aquarius’s enthusiasm are beneficial in projects that they undertake together at work. Both add value with their immense diligence and devotion.

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