Leo - Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about leo man and sagittarius woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Leo zodiac sign and a girl with Sagittarius sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of leo & sagittarius zodiac signs. All about Leo Sagittarius compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares an extremely good relationship.

The Leo man and his Sagittarius woman will fall in love with each other instantaneously as they both showcase extremes of passion and romance. The high spirited Leo matches well with the fun-loving and excited Sagittarius making them a blissful pair.

Leo (M) - Sagittarius (F) Characteristic traits

The Leo man loves boasting about himself among his peers and becomes the limelight of attraction easily. He is royal and proud of himself and often becomes kind and generous to his loved ones to boost his ego. He is very demanding in terms of attention and love from his lady. The Sagittarius woman is a free spirit. She does not like to be dominated and loves adventure and fun all the time. She has an intellect par excellence and often proves to be a loyal and dedicated lover.

Leo (M) - Sagittarius (F) Sex & Marriage

Their sexual chemistry depends largely on their emotional bonding with each other. If they are secure mentally in the company of each other, their physical bonding is full of intense passion and romantic love-making.

Leo (M) - Sagittarius (F) Family & Children

The Leo father is a dedicated and protective parent. His children often witness his generosity and genuine affection when he showers them with gifts. The Sagittarius mom is an adventurous person and loves to indulge in travelling with her kids. Her wisdom makes her the best teacher for them.

Leo (M) - Sagittarius (F) Friendship

The Leo and the Sagittarius both love living life king size. Their bond lasts for a lifetime and is usually full of thrill and excitement. They often end up learning a lot from each other.

Leo (M) - Sagittarius (F) at Work

When they make a team, they benefit in most instances. Their energy, mutual respect for each other and determined focus towards their goals are the keys to their fantastic partnership at work.

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