Leo - Aries Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about leo man and aries woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Leo zodiac sign and a girl with Aries sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of leo & aries zodiac signs. All about Leo Aries compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: It is very hard for them to relate to each other.

Aries female and Leo man reel on different emotional planes. Aries woman wants to have mutuality in every walk of life but Leo man is a bit assertive with his dominating ideology.

Aries (F) – Leo (M) Characteristic traits

Female Aries is very arduous in her outlook and Leo male is a power freak. Both of them sometimes struggle for a bigger share of ruling power or they may want to possess all the power stock. Both of them want to have the freedom of being the sole decision maker.

Aries (F) – Leo (M) Sex & Marriage

Good moments are quite enjoyable between an Aries female and a Leo male. Of course there will be many such great moments in the physical front as well as emotional front. But if ever the turmoil may occur, then it will be devastating for the relationship.

Aries (F) – Leo (M) Family & children

Aries female is a great instructor and a Leo father will ensure a well balanced discipline at home. Together these two can transform their children into great leaders and inculcate in kids a sense of responsibility.

Aries (F) – Leo (M) Friendship

Interesting event will definitely take place in the friendship shared by an Aries female and Leo male. Both of them can get very close to each other at times, yet at another moment they can be fighting over petty issues.

Aries (F) – Leo (M) at Work

A perfect combination in the industry for making perfect decisions and sealing the best of the deals! Aries female and Leo man together can rule every soul and make anyone dance to their tunes. Both of them are very professional and have great regards and appreciation for each other’s work.

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